Impostor Syndrome

May 25

Writing is such a solitary thing for me. It is intimate. It is raw. It is my therapy, my release and my relief. Sometimes, it is my enemy, too. I don’t see it being talked about enough, the downside. Maybe if it’s as openly discussed then it wouldn’t be so hard to open up. I felt like talking about it tonight. I felt like putting my thoughts down, this way I...

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Just a Note…

May 18

Syren already has his story, for those who aren’t familiar. More here…   For those who are familiar, no, there isn’t a new Syren book coming out. What there is, is a connection Syren has to Renzo which will be explained in Renzo’s book, Kiss Your Scars. Which I just started writing, so nope, no news on when that will be...

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On The Brooklyn Sinners

May 16

Every day I get questions about the Sinners. Especially now, with a new book out and people wanting to know about Syren. Yass, girl. That little devil has his own book. If you don’t know why it’s not available out there for sale, I won’t bore you with the fucked-up details. Suffice it to say, it is beyond my control. But, I bring a reprieve. If you...

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#NewRelease: Call the Coroner!

May 09

The time has come, people. This is NOT a drill. Available only on *Amazon/Kindle Unlimited.     AMAZON US AMAZON CA   AMAZON UK AMAZON AUS     *Will be at other e-tailers (B&N, Kobo, iBooks) by the end of summer. Sign up for my newsletter, since I’ll be sending out an alert once they’re available elsewhere....

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Cover Reveal: Call The Coroner

Jan 23

I have here for you, the cover for Call the Coroner. I am still very much (re)writing the book, so it’s not done as yet. Release will likely be sometime in March. This is all dependent on my health, which has not been the best lately so please, don’t quote me on that. I’ve reworked the blurb, since certain things often do change once I get into the nitty-gritty...

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