20k Update

Dec 12

We’re at 20k on Elias and Lucky. And a little over 10k on Tek and Quinn because I couldn’t keep poor self-destructive Tek, and suicidal Quinn, locked in my head. Had to get them out or I’d be running around mad. So I’m writing them both. For the moment. This could stop at anytime. I have no control over how it all pans out, except that Elias and Lucky comes...

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Not 10k, but an Update

Dec 08

This weekend I realized that I had the hugest hole in Unmask You, time wise. I’d specified certain things in Body You, so I had to go with that frame of reference. The way I’m writing Unmask You now, it’s impossible for things to happen because of what happened in Body You. Which meant I’d have to back up, go back, and sorta flip shit around, speed up some...

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Unmask You 10k Update

Dec 03

I’ve started Unmask You. Did on Dec 1st actually. I’m at 10k words in. So figured I’d drop by to give an update. I’ll be back when I hit the next 10k, and the next, and so on. I’ll be taking you back, to when Elias and Lucky first met, to when they fell in love. Already wrote that. And the first kiss. I’m in Riker’s Island prison now, because I finally...

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Thankful/#Blackfriday sale

Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends. Okay, so it’s after 6p.m. and all meals have been consumed. The itis is setting in. My peoples know what I mean. I was just hanging around, bloated and shit, and thought I would do something for you. Especially my overseas peeps. I know the exchange rate when buying my books can be nuff, so Body You is on sale at Amazon only....

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On Free Reads

Nov 18

When I started that very first Brooklyn Sinners free read, it was a way to say thank you to my readers. And to keep you hooked on them while I wrote the next…and the next. I never actually intended to make those books so damn complicated that they needed more and more. Goes to show how my mind works. I wrote the free reads as a gift to you, my faithful...

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Thinking Thoughts…

Nov 17

I opened this Word Doc to talk about something that had been on my mind for a minute. Another author’s post spurred me so much that I really intended to write on it, but while washing dishes just now, I just… I said, “Av, shut your damn mouth.” Strong possibility it might be taken the wrong way. It might not. Not gonna take the chance. I will do what I’ve...

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