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Jan 06

I think I tried explaining how my mind comes up with the crap it does once. Once. That was all it took for me to know to never try to explain the unexplainable ever again. There’s no rhyme or reason to the way this mess works. I’ve given up on trying to make sense of it.

I don’t really think long term in terms of how I’m writing. Like I can never tell you what’s gonna happen in say Chapter Ten if I’m writing Chapter three. I never know.

Today I got to thinking about Elias & Lucky, and Tek & Quinn. Why the books are being written in the order they are. Oftentimes, I never even know what/if books will be a series. Or who the characters will be. Starting out, I only planned to write X & Dima. Then Is popped up and suddenly here’s Reggie and Oh Look! Reggie has a thing for his friend. Okay. That presented itself early so we knew off top that those two were definitely getting a story. Then I start writing Body You and Tek shows up. And it’s cool. His one of Is’s men, yeah?

Then suddenly Tek has secrets and people are dropping hints and Oh Look! Quinn pops in and I’m like, All right fine. I’ll take it. But even as I’m writing shit about Tek having secrets, I don’t know what they are. I don’t know what his story is. Elias pops in and guess what? I know what he’s all about. From start to finish I can see his story. Doesn’t make it any less easy to write. None of the fuckery I write is, but I know Elias and Lucky’s story. I know the secrets, the whys and whens and hows. So I have to write that, because the alternative would be to kinda sit on my ass for a long minute trying to figure out Tek.

So I start writing Unmask You and now here comes Tek, bumrushing his way through my shit, talking ’bout he’s ready for me. Yeah, aight. But Elias was here first, and what’s that you saying, Elias’s story holds secrets to yours?

See how my bleeped up brain works?

So in the end, it was necessary for Elias to go first. He holds a bunch of secrets regarding Tek and those need to explode in both men’s faces before Tek can have his thing with Quinn. Now, I did relent and write a few chapters of that. My FB gang had the pleasure of reading that mess.

I think not since Syren will a book kill me like Tek & Quinn’s book will kill me. Usually I’ll have one fucked up character and his love interest will be “relatively balanced”. Not so with Tek and Quinn. They’re both so damaged, I can’t even with it. But it’s all good. The two books are sorta wrapped up in each other as far as back story and bad guys and stuff like that.

So I guess, this long winded-ass post is to explain why Elias’s book comes before Tek’s even though we’re all dying to read about Tek. Me literally. Also Tek’s book will be the last book (novel, anyway) in the series. I will be doing something about that tease with Dar, Sylvie, and Anton, but it will be a novella and not fully incorporated into the series as the other books are. So Tek is for all intents and purposes the last book in the series, and I’d like to end it with you on the floor in a puddle of your own snot and tears.

Does that sound too mercurial?  

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  1. Tamika /

    Oh I’ve missed you. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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