Cover Reveal: Call The Coroner

Jan 23

I have here for you, the cover for Call the Coroner.

I am still very much (re)writing the book, so it’s not done as yet. Release will likely be sometime in March. This is all dependent on my health, which has not been the best lately so please, don’t quote me on that.

I’ve reworked the blurb, since certain things often do change once I get into the nitty-gritty of the book. And it’s on Goodreads now, so g’head and add the men to your shelves.

This is by far my bloodiest and most violent book. But I’m sure you expected that, yeah? I’m not glossing over anything.

It’s gonna be all up in your face. All the bloody violence. But also all the feels.

We can’t skip over who Stavros is, because for sure that boy is the worst. like, for real. But I love me some him.

And we can’t escape any of Daniel Nieto’s shit either, because for sure that is a monster.

But there’s also the guilt. And the grief. And the betrayals.

The hardcore fuckery. And the softness.

And the sex.

Aaah, The sex.

Sometimes the obstacles I throw at my men can be hard to understand, and difficult to take. If you’ve been waffling about fucking with my angsty self, you might want to sit this one out. If you want sweet and cuddly, I’ve got some recommendations.

Because your girl is not the one. I come with warnings. Please heed them.



Cover by Simply Defined Art (Jay Aheer) Cover Photo by Strangeland Photography (Varian Krylov)




A clash of wills between predators…

He’s been living underground for a long time, but the only thing guaranteed to bring Daniel Nieto back to the surface is the identity of his wife’s killer. With the whisper of one name, he puts it all on the line for vengeance. He’s got plans for Stavros Konstantinou.

The title of monster fits too well for Stavros to want to be anything other than what he is. Time spent in Daniel Nieto’s dungeon, chained and tortured, will never change that. Starved of food, sunlight and freedom, he waits for an opening to turn the tables on the only man who’s ever come close enough to scare him.

Somewhere between the slide of knife against skin, and the drip of blood on cold concrete, things change. Grief and hatred collide with lust and obsession, and this time Daniel and Stavros are on the same side. This time, they’re fighting a losing battle against a connection forged by much more than a love of violence and bloodshed.

In a war this bloodied, what do you do when the bodies start hitting the floor?


**Warning: Gun play, knife play, blood play, breath play. Non Con, Dub Con. Water sports. Triggers**



  1. Ingeborg /

    Hi Mrs Ashton,

    I hope your health will approve and all will be better for you.

    I’m very much looking forward to reading Daniel and Stavros’book. All your books a great, but I’ve got a feeling that this one will be your masterpiece.

    Get well soon!!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this story and now I’m nervous but so fucking excited.

  3. As always I can’t wait. What is living without a little angst! Sending positive thoughts for you pain!

  4. Veronica /

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a while! I cannot wait to read this!! I hope you are doing well :)

  5. I wish you the best of health xD
    FINALLY , I’m sooo excited to read that book
    Yayyyyyy :D

  6. Debbie /

    Avril, I hope you are feeling much better. This book sounds very intriguing, although like River stated I am also a little nervous about reading it. But all your books have been great and well worth the read. So a case of the nerves will definitely not stop me from reading it. Take care of yourself!

  7. I honestly can’t wait. Im currently re-reading Pablo and Shane again!!! All your MCs are addictive but Pablo?? That dude is something else
    Hope you are well and healthy

  8. I’m looking forward to this book, waiting eagerly for its release. I recently started reading your series and have blown through Run This Town and Loose Ends. I’ve tried to find the Brookly Sinners series but it is unavailable. Any chance they will be available again?

    • Avril Ashton /

      Hey Jess, you can buy the books directly from me via Paypal.

  9. #Lovetoread /

    Can’t wait to read Call The Coroner and Kiss your Scars. I love Stavros and Daniel’s characters can’t wait. Hope it’s soon. And feel better

  10. Anne Mejlhede /

    Yay! It’s almost time for Staniel.

    Stavros and Daniel are such a perfect match.

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