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c1-2She kicked him out of her life once before, but he’s back and this time he’s going nowhere.

Indy Steele is many things, but a fan of commitment isn’t one of them. Sure she’s been with only one man in damn near forever, but no way is there anything other than lust between them. To prove it, she kicks Reno out of her bed and her life and watches as he relocates to another state. A lonely year has gone by and Reno is back, determined to take more than she’s willing to give.

Reno Sandovar hasn’t stopped loving Indy, not for a second. He’s waited a long time to get back to her and now he wants what he should have had all along, her love. Her excuses about their age difference age are just that. He’s hell-bent on showing her that no matter what, he’ll always be coming back for more.







Indy had chased him away, denied them, but here he was, running behind her like the kid she’d once accused him of being. 

He stood outside the women’s restroom, hands in his pockets. Two young women came out, but no Indy. He knocked on the door twice, hard, and when no one answered his pushed his way in and bolted the door behind him. 

She stood at the sink, back to him, washing her hands.


“I’d heard you were back.” She didn’t look up from the sink. “Heard also that you brought wifey with you.”

He didn’t speak, and they lapsed into a heavy awkward silence. She finished washing her hands and wiped them with paper towel from the dispenser mounted to the wall, before walking past him. 

“Bye, Reno.” 

He grabbed her arm, yanked her close. “That’s it?” he asked. “A year has come and gone, and that’s all you’ve got to say to me?” 

She tilted her head and looked down at where he held her, lashes lowered. 

“Indy.” He didn’t mean to sound so fucking needy, and he didn’t know what he wanted, what he expected from her, but he knew he needed something. Anything. 

Her lashes lifted, and she pinned him in place with one of her steely gazes. “No, on second thought, here’s what I want to know.” She pulled away from his hold and leaned in, lips barely brushing his cheek when she asked, “You showing that cheerleader out there all the things I taught you, Reno?” Twisting around, she caught him by the neck and pushed him into the door. “You showing her the skills I taught you?” She jammed a thigh between his legs, pressing hard against his balls. “Huh?” 

He grabbed her wrist, holding her as tight as she held him. “I can show her anything I choose.” He couldn’t help writhing on the thigh tormenting his balls. It hurt too fucking good, but she already knew that. “She’s not ashamed to hold my hand in public,” he spat. “That’s why she gets my respect, and you don’t.” 

Someone knocked on the bathroom door. “Hey, open up!” 

Indy’s lips twisted in the semblance of a smile. “I couldn’t give two fucks about your respect, Reno.” She released him and stepped away, righting her clothes. “Respect her all you want, but I wonder, does that respect make you feel like I make you feel?” She lifted an eyebrow. “I’m guessing not, and when you come to that realization and get rid of her, you know where I’ll be.” 

“Fuck you, Indy.” He pushed away from the door, stepped back. “If you think I’m going back down that road with you, you can forget it.” 

She opened the door and walked out. The person waiting there was a blur as she sped past. Indy looked over her shoulder at him. “See you around, Reno.” She strutted off with a sexy sway to her hips that always had him drooling.

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