Bite Harder


Biter Harder (Alpha’s Claim: MANLOVE Edition Anthology)

Saddled with an uncle who’s always in trouble, wolf shifter Rory Huntley has to look out for both himself and his female cousin. Which is why he offers up himself as the prize when Alpha Kellan Moyer comes to collect on his uncle’s debt. Moyer wants his cousin, but Rory isn’t about to let that happen. Still, he’s shocked when Kellan accepts his offer.

As Alpha of his pack, Kellan Moyer needs to start thinking about a family. It’s the last thing he wants since he’s into men. He spots Rory in town and knows the young wolf is his mate. When Rory’s uncle steals from him, Kellan demands Rory and his cousin as payment. He sees it as a way to finally mark and claim his mate, but Rory makes another demand, offering himself if his cousin goes free. It’s a deal Kellan is all too willing to accept.


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“Good news, Rory. I accept your offer.”

Rory’s gray eyes widened. Clearly he hadn’t expected Kellan to accept. The woman in his arms started crying.

Darien cursed under his breath.

“A-are you serious?” The young wolf’s gaze flicked from Kellan to Darien. “You’ll let Brie go, and take me instead?”

“Oh, I’ll be taking you, Rory. Trust me on that.” He grinned at the blush on Rory’s pale cheeks. “Darien.”

Darien stepped forward and took Brie by the shoulder, lifting her out of Rory’s arms. Rory made a grab for her.

“Where are you taking her?”

“She’s going with Darien. He’s the new head of the Huntley household.” Kellan waited a beat. “And he owns Brie now.”

“No.” Rory’s fists balled up as he glared at Kellan, his body shaking as his eyes shifted from human gray to golden wolf. “You said—”

“Said I’ll take you up on your offer, and I am.” Kellan snapped his fingers. “Get up.”

Rory scrambled to his feet, hatred burning a bright fire in his eyes. Kellan liked that, the fire. Rory, though slim in body and young, was a fighter. Kellan loved a good fight.

Darien held Brie against his chest, with her back to him. The young woman stood stiffly, despair in her eyes as she watched her cousin walk to Kellan. They loved each other, he saw that, and he understood. He loved his brother the same. When Rory stood in front of him, close enough for Kellan to smell his fear and feel the warmth of his skin, Kellan touched the pad of a finger to the exposed skin of Rory’s neck.

The young man jumped. His pulse raced, loud to Kellan’s advanced hearing.

“Time for me to claim you, Rory.” He scraped his fingernail against the vein in Rory’s neck. “Mark you, so everyone will know you belong to me.” He nodded to where Darien held Brie. “My brother will do the same to your cousin, and then we’ll leave.” He bent and whispered in Rory’s ear, “We’ll consummate our mating once we get to my pack.”

Rory trembled. Kellan heard his gulp, heard his heart beat stutter then speed up. Rory was afraid of him. Kellan didn’t mind it. A healthy fear was good. Kept people in their place.

He breathed against Rory’s neck. “Submit to me, Rory Huntley.”

Rory’s breath rattled in his chest. Kellan waited. Rory tilted his head, offering up the pale column of his neck. Kellan’s mouth watered. He licked Rory.

Rory growled then stepped back. Worry in his eyes. “Please.” His voice was soft, non-threatening. “Promise me he won’t hurt Brie.” His gaze flicked to Darien.

“He won’t.”

“In any way,” Rory said. “Mentally or physically.”


“She needs to be protected.”


Rory’s eyes flashed. “And handled with care.”

Kellan yanked the young wolf close and buried his canines in his neck. Rory cried out, claws digging into Kellan’s shoulder. Kellan growled at the taste of Rory’s blood, sweet and decadent, smooth like fucking thousand year old scotch. Rory melted against him, lithe body pressed tight, his erection rubbing Kellan’s. Kellan sucked on the bite, and Rory bucked.

The younger man came, his seed immediately scenting the air. Kellan almost lost his control as well. It was years of discipline that kept him from flooding his jeans like a fucking teenager.

Darien’s growl, and Brie’s subsequent aroused scream, filtered through his lust-fogged brain. He pulled his canines from Rory’s neck and stepped back. Rory stumbled. Kellan grabbed him, holding him steady. Rory looked up at him with cloudy gray eyes, confusion and arousal in his expression.

“Dar, handle your business.” Kellan grabbed Rory, dragging him behind him as he walked out the house. His wolves flanked him, walking next to him.

“Good luck. Hope you know what you’re doing, brother,” Darien said behind him.

Kellan snorted as he headed toward his SUV. He didn’t need luck. He needed the delicious Rory underneath him. Stat.

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