When Morning Comes

Avril_AshtonWhen Morning Comes (Fantasies: Thr33)

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Rich kid playboy Logan Sabourin has long been in love with his best friend. He’s learned to keep his game face on and smile, despite wanting to be Ryan Mora’s submissive in the worst way. He can’t be with Ryan the way he wishes, so when Ryan’s birthday rolls around, Logan buys his friend a fantasy. A submissive for the night.

Ryan Mora agrees to the elaborate gift his best friend gives him, only if Logan joins in. Lucky for them, his one night submissive, Cassidy James is all for it. What started as Logan and Ryan sharing Cassidy turns into something deeper as a whipping scene reveals Logan’s submissive side. Soon Ryan is entertaining the prospect of having more with both men. But when morning comes and Cassidy and Logan are nowhere to be found, it’s up to Ryan to turn their one-night fantasy into reality.


When Morning Comes is a short and sexy read featuring light BDSM elements, friends-to-lovers, and M/M/M loving with a HFN ending. No cliffhangers or cheating over here. This is a previously published work. The cover and publisher has changed. The content has not.


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