One Bite

alphas-claime1mOne Bite (Alpha’s Claim Anthology)

Brie Huntley is all set to go along when the Alpha of the Moyer pack comes to collect her as his payment for her father stealing from him. Just as she accepts being the alpha’s intended mate and mother of his pups, he claims her male cousin and hands her off to his brother instead. The brother who scares her.

Darien Moyer is an alpha, too, but he isn’t looking to start his own pack. Until his brother hands him one. Now, not only is Darien saddled with the task of building a brand new pack, he’s also claimed the very frightened and innocent Brie Huntley. Darien likes his women a certain way and Brie fits none of his criteria. But the mating heat is no joke, and sooner or later he’ll have to succumb to the fire raging through both of them from that One Bite.

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“Good news, Rory. I accept your offer.”

Shock reverberated through Brie, and she couldn’t stop the shocked cry that fell from her lips. What did that mean? Moyer was going to take Rory instead of her? Where did that leave Brie? Over the rush of blood in her ears, she heard Darien’s low curse.

“A-are you serious?” Rory asked. “You’ll let Brie go, and take me instead?”

“Oh, I’ll be taking you, Rory. Trust me on that.” Alpha Moyer grinned. “Darien.”

Darien stepped forward and took Brie by the shoulder, lifting her out of Rory’s arms. Oh God. She couldn’t stand it. His hands on her were … distracting. Brie tried to twist away, but only served to get herself even closer to Darien’s chest, her face buried in his neck. She inhaled and whimpered. He smelled so good. Like pine cones, salty skin, and wild wolf. Her body spasmed before she could control it.

“Where are you taking her?” Rory sounded so scared. She wanted to tell him she was okay, would be okay, but that wouldn’t be the truth, would it? She’d accepted being with the alpha when she had an idea of what her future might look like. Now, she had no clue. None.

“She’s going with Darien. He’s the new head of the Huntley household. And he owns Brie now.”

She screamed. In her head. Her body didn’t seem to want to cooperate. Her tongue felt heavy, frozen. She couldn’t go with Darien. She didn’t know why. Her wolf kept whining, her body heating up with each breath he took against her nape. She had to get away from him.

“No.” Rory glared at the alpha. “You said—”

“Said I’ll take you up on your offer, and I am.” The alpha snapped his fingers. “Get up.”

Rory scrambled to his feet, hatred in his eyes. Brie’s body trembled. She was so afraid Rory would get himself hurt. All because of her. He thought her too weak to take care of herself. He fought for her, so strong and brave, and what was she? Sniffling like a kid.

Darien turned her around, holding her against his chest with her back to him. She swallowed the cry in her throat and stayed stiff. She didn’t want Darien to decide she was too much trouble. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to live, and she wanted to get rid of Darien’s smell and his body heat invading her space and her mind. Through lowered lashes she watched the alpha touch the pad of a finger to the exposed skin of Rory’s neck.

“Time for me to claim you, Rory. Mark you, so everyone will know you belong to me.” He nodded to where Darien held Brie. “My brother will do the same to your cousin, and then we’ll leave.” He bent and whispered in Rory’s ear, but Brie didn’t hear anything else after that.

She’d been handed off yet again. This time she really wanted to scream no. She really wanted to run away. Darien would claim her as his. What did that mean? He was the alpha’s brother, but was he also an alpha? The power radiating off him said yes. What did that mean? She wanted answers. The words to demand those answers weighed heavy on her tongue, but she didn’t speak.

She was exhausted, mentally. Everything happening so fast, her father’s death and now this. It drained her, and she went limp in Darien’s hold. His arms tightened around her. She felt him, his hard body and his disapproval. He didn’t like the situation either.

The alpha yanked Rory close and buried his canines in his neck. Brie cried out at the sight.

“No. Argh!” Darien chose that moment to claim her, too. His sharp canines sank into her shoulder. Brie’s body bowed, tight as a bow. Fire raced through her, hardening her nipples, wetting her pussy. She moaned. She tried to struggle against that claiming hold, but couldn’t gather the strength.

Darien growled, and the sound released the rigid grasp on Brie’s body. She climaxed hard, screaming, convulsing in Darien’s hold.

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