As Night Falls


Avrilashton-4As Night Falls (Fantasies: Thr33, book 2)

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Alexis and Luca Covington have been burned, badly, by a past lover. They’ve decided against bringing another man fully into their relationship, but can’t resist having one in their bed every now and again. When Luca shares a naughty and dangerous fantasy with Alexis, she signs them up with a fantasy hotline. One night with a stranger, not a big deal. Until they meet Jonah DiCarlo.

Jonah DiCarlo had to start his life over when his former lovers betrayed him. He’s determined to never get involved in a three-way relationship again, but loneliness pushes him to go along when his sister signs him up for a one-night fantasy. Being with Alexis and Luca shows Jonah what he’s missing and how much he needs to belong again. But knowing and doing are two different things and as night falls, Jonah will have to put aside his fears and take a chance.

BE WARNED: This novella features consenting adults who engage in the following: rape fantasy, knife play, forced penetration, BDSM elements, pegging, breath play, m/m sex, m/f sex, and m/m/f sex. If any of the aforementioned offends you, please do not read. HEA guaranteed. Always.


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