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Alexis and Luca Covington have been burned, badly, by a past lover. They’ve decided against bringing another man fully into their relationship, but can’t resist having one in their bed every now and again. When Luca shares a naughty and dangerous fantasy with Alexis, she signs them up with a fantasy hotline. One night with a stranger, not a big deal. Until they meet Jonah DiCarlo.

Jonah DiCarlo had to start his life over when his former lovers betrayed him. He’s determined to never get involved in a three-way relationship again. Lonely, he goes along when his sister signs him up for a one night fantasy. Being with Alexis and Luca shows Jonah what he’s missing, and how much he needs to belong again. But knowing and doing are two different things and as night falls, Jonah will have to put aside his fears and take a chance.





Chapter One


“I’m home!” Luca let the door slam shut behind him as he stepped into his house. His hands were filled with roses, champagne, and the box of gourmet chocolates he’d bought, but he managed to drop his keys in the glass bowl on the little table next to the doorway.

“Alex?” His wife’s car was in her parking space, but the house remained in darkness. He frowned then grinned. Maybe she had a little something naughty planned for him. It was their tenth anniversary after all.

He flipped the light switch, illuminating the hallway leading out into the living room, and promptly stepped on something on the floor that had him grabbing on to the wall to keep from falling. He cursed and looked down. Alexis’s purse was on the floor open, its contents spilling out. Keys, cellphone, and lipstick.

“Alex, you trying to break my neck?” His chuckle died a violent death when he walked into the living room. “Alex!”

His wife was tied to a chair, hands behind her back, a black cloth around her mouth muffling her screams.

“What the fuck is going on?” He stepped forward, and a gun appeared as if out of nowhere, pressed to his forehead. Luca threw his hands up, palms open, an automatic reaction as his stomach hit the floor and his heart leapt into his throat. The bottle of bubbly crashed onto the polished wood floors, shattering on impact, the roses and chocolate joining in.

“Welcome home.” The man holding the gun wore a black ski mask, but the eye holes showed a blue gaze as cold as an Alaskan winter. “We’ve been waiting for you, Doctor Covington.”

“Who are you?” He should probably rein in his temper, but when he got scared he had no control over that. “Take what you want and leave. Please.” Luca looked over at Alexis. Her eyes were also covered, her hair matted to her forehead with sweat. She wore his favorite dress, the tight blue one that barely covered her ass. One of her red heels remained on her feet, but he couldn’t see the other one. “Alex, I’m so sorry.” He moved toward her, and the masked man tssked.

“Ah. Ah.” He pointed to the empty chair positioned opposite Alex. “Have a seat, doctor.”

“Please, don’t do this.” Luca was a proud man; he didn’t like to beg, but this was Alexis, his wife, and he’d beg and more for her, for her life. “We have money. Anything you want is yours, just please, take it and leave.”

The man snorted.

“We haven’t seen your face.” Luca stared at the man, tried to make him understand. “You can take what you want and just leave. Please.”

Blue Eyes didn’t say a word, but he did grab Luca’s hand and shove him down in the chair. Alex made a sound.

He’d have been there earlier, but he’d gotten snarled in traffic and then he’d stopped to buy the champagne and chocolates. He should have been there sooner. He couldn’t imagine how scared she must have been. “I’m so sorry, baby.”

A length of rope appeared in the masked man’s hand as he knelt, gun still pointed, unwavering, at Luca’s head. Luca held himself still, body frozen as the man tied his hands behind his back tight with the thick rope. All the while Luca kept his gaze on his wife. Her skin was damp with sweat, her hair falling out of the ponytail she’d piled on top of her head. Her nostrils flared as though she felt Luca’s gaze on her.

This wasn’t the way things were supposed to go. Their tenth anniversary. They should be drinking champagne. He should be feeding her chocolate while peeling the red lace number she didn’t know he knew she’d bought last week off her body. He should be making love to his wife, showing her how much in love he still was, how much he adored her. He should be doing a lot of things, and none of them entailed being tied to a chair while a masked man terrorized them.

When he was satisfied that Luca was well restrained, the man got to his feet and stood between Luca and Alexis.

“There. Aren’t we all cozy and shit?” His eyes sparkled as he looked from Alexis to Luca. “A little birdie told me it’s you crazy kids’ anniversary, am I right?”

Luca glared at him, and Alexis simply whimpered. He hated that, seeing his wife so helpless. Feeling useless himself. He should be able to protect his wife, his home. He was in no position to do either.

The man walked softly over to Alexis and pressed the gun to her temple. She gasped.

“No!” Luca yanked on the ropes, body jerking forward. Of course he was useless. “D-don’t.” His heart stuttered. “Please. Leave her alone. Please.” Luca’s eyes burned as tears threatened. He didn’t know what to say, what to do, to turn their captor’s attention from Alexis to himself.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, kids.” The intruder didn’t move the gun away.

Alexis trembled violently.

“I’m in charge. That means you answer when I ask a question, and you follow orders when I give them, and make no mistake,” he looked at Luca, “I will give orders.”

His voice was rough, like it’d been broken and hadn’t healed right. He was taller than Luca by a few inches and definitely had more girth. No fat, but muscle, compact, from what Luca gleaned from the faded jeans splattered with different colored paint and the black turtleneck. The tan, rubber-soled boots on his feet also had paint splatters.

“I’ll ask one more time, is this your anniversary?” the man asked.

Luca jerked his head. “Yes.”

“Yes, J.”

“What?” Luca blinked.

“Yes, J. As in the letter. The way you will address me from here on.” The man’s mask moved slightly, giving Luca the impression he might be smiling.

“Fuck you!” That shit wasn’t happening, no way in hell.

“Really?” The man’s eyes hardened more, if that was even possible. He knelt next to Alexis. “Well,” he spoke softly to Alexis, but Luca heard every word. “I don’t think the hubby really cares what happens to you, pretty Alex.” He trailed the gun down Alexis’s forehead to her jaw, and then across to her lips.

“No. No.” Luca shouted the words as he fought against the ropes holding him tight. “I’m sorry.” Fuck. He had to go along with the man, as otherwise Alex might pay the price, and Luca wasn’t prepared to let that happen. He’d never be prepared for that. “I’ll do it. I’ll call you anything you want.” His voice shook as the man used the tip of the gun as some sort of macabre lipstick, tracing first Alexis’s top lip, then the bottom.

The man didn’t appear to care, or maybe he’d stopped listening to Luca. He continued moving the gun across Alexis’s lips. Luca’s wrists ached, chafed where the ropes cut into his skin as he kept yanking, tugging, hoping against hope that the man hadn’t secured him too tightly. That hope disappeared mighty quick.

“Please,” he whispered. “Please, J.” His voice cracked. “Don’t do this. I’ll do anything.” He choked up. “Alex. Alex. Please, baby. I’m so sorry. Forgive me.”

The man tensed then looked over at Luca. “You need to learn who’s in charge, doctor.”

“You, you’re in charge,” Luca said quickly.

“I know I am.” The mask shifted again, hinting at a smile. At least Luca thought it was a smile. “You need to learn, and you will, doctor.” The man grabbed the front of Alexis’s dress and pulled. The thin material gave way with a soft tear, exposing Alexis’s breasts and the small silver hoops in her nipples.

“No. No.” The screams tore from Luca’s throat. He saw red. “I’ll fucking kill you if you touch her, you hear me? I’ll kill you.”

The man walked over to him and grasped his jaw. “Threats, doctor?” He shook his head. “Always the quiet ones.” He pulled a familiar looking scarf from his pocket and held it up.

Luca gasped. The aqua and teal hand-painted silk scarf had been a gift to Alex, one he’d presented her with on their trip to France three years before. Since then she’d used the scarf as a sort of signal to him. A signal. Luca stared at the scarf, at the man holding it, his tongue frozen. His brain was slow in catching up with what the scarf meant.

The intruder didn’t speak, and the room was so silent, he could’ve heard a pin drop. Luca couldn’t take his eyes from the scarf. He blew out a breath, and the scarf moved, sort of waving in the wind, and he blinked. He looked at Alexis where she sat, brown skin shiny with sweat, bound and gagged, blindfolded, and his heart kicked into overdrive.

He lowered his head slightly, gaze on the man in front of him, and he saw it when the big man’s shoulders relaxed. Then he moved, lightning fast, tying the scarf around Luca’s mouth, silencing his voice.

“Now.” The man sounded pleased with himself. “I’m going to go over there, doctor, and I’ll do whatever I want with the beautiful Alexis, and you’ll watch me do it.” He pressed the gun under Luca’s chin, lifting his head. “Won’t you?”

Luca glared at him and fisted his hands, daring him silently. His stomach churned, and his palms grew sweaty. Hot anticipation rolled cross his skin as he held his breath. And waited.

The man—J, he should start calling him that in his mind—walked back to Alexis’s side and knelt. Luca tensed, fingers curling into his palm.

“So beautiful.” J touched Alexis’s face then pulled off the blindfold and the gag, and for a second there Luca thought the man’s hand trembled. “Open for me, pretty Alex.” J rubbed two fingers across Alex’s bottom lip, and when she parted her lips, he pushed those fingers inside her mouth.

A sound burst from Luca’s throat as he watched Alexis suck on the man’s fingers. The same fingers that were on the gun’s trigger earlier. The same fingers that tied them up. Those fingers his wife sucked on. She sucked them greedily, hungrily, and Luca found himself hooked on the wet sounds and the low noises the man—J—made. Echoes of pleasure.

He should look away. Except looking away didn’t do a damn thing to mute the wet suction as Alexis bobbed on the two fingers shoved down her throat.

“Good girl,” J whispered. “You like that, don’t you, pretty Alexis? Sucking?”

Luca’s wife made a sound, a whimper that hit Luca in the gut. He locked his jaw, fingernails biting into his palm. Alexis’s nipples were hard, pointing at him, the piercings winking as she breathed in and out.

J pulled his fingers out of her mouth, and Alexis made a disappointed sound, chasing after those fingers. J chuckled. He pulled something from his boots, something that gleamed when it caught the light.

A knife.

Oh fuck. Luca’s stomach clenched, his every nerve ending strung tight as he watched J press the tip of the blade to Alexis throat. She froze, eyes wide and wild.

“Try not to move, pretty Alexis. Don’t want you to get hurt. Yet.” He caressed her with the knife, dragging the edge—Luca wasn’t sure if it was the sharp side or not—across her clavicle and down her chest, over the swell of one breast then the other.

Alexis’s gaze lifted, clung to Luca’s. Even from the short distance he could see the effect the knife play was having on her, the way her nostrils flared and the pulse at her throat fluttered. His body reacted to that, to the sight of his wife aroused. His scrubs didn’t hide his erection, and he dropped his gaze to his lap then lifted. Alexis’s attention was also on his crotch.

The knife slid across Alexis’s skin, across her smooth abdomen. Luca watched as she pursed her lips, her stomach muscles contracting. J moved lower and lower, past her navel, then stopped. Her dress was in the way, but with a flick of his wrists the rest of the material fell apart.

Alexis cried out. She was now bared from throat down. The material of the dress remained around her body since she was sitting, but her front was beautifully, wonderfully bare, and J took advantage, gliding the knife over her shaved mound and down between her legs.

Luca didn’t realize he was panting as he watched, but as J lifted Alexis’s left leg, opening her to their scrutiny, Luca’s breath stuttered. God. Alexis’s pussy was on display. Wet, swollen, and exposed. His wife was turned on, and Luca’s hips jerked. As he watched, J pressed the flattened side of the knife against her dark pussy lips. Alexis bit her lip and held Luca’s gaze.

“You’re so wet, pretty Alexis.” J used his middle and index finger to pull her cunt lips apart, putting her puffy pink sex on display. Her clit protruded, thick and hard. Luca swore he saw the nub throb. J pressed the tip of the knife to her clit.

“Oh God.” His wife’s first words since this entire thing began.

“Look at her, doctor.” J put the knife on his thigh and used both hands to hold and pull apart Alexis’s labia. Her tiny hole contracted, and Luca’s cock throbbed. “Gorgeous, right?”

Luca nodded. His wife was gorgeous. Every inch of her.

“But that cunt needs to be filled, doesn’t it?” J didn’t wait for an answer. He picked back up the knife and slid the handle into Alexis.

She screamed. Luca might have screamed, too. He couldn’t be sure. His body ached. Rough sounds left his throat as J fucked Alexis with the knife handle, plunging it in and out with an expert hand. Alexis’s hips jerked and rolled. She loved it. The blissed-out look on her face didn’t hide a thing. Head thrown back, she fucked herself on the knife handle, and Luca watched every movement from both her and J with greedy eyes. His balls hurt, and he squirmed on the chair, but he couldn’t tear his gaze from the sight of that knife disappearing in and out of his wife.

“That’s it,” J murmured loud enough for Luca to hear. “Ride it. Such a greedy slut, aren’t you?”

Alexis moaned. J pinched her nipple with one hand, pulling and twisting, tugging the silver ring. She mewled, and Luca growled low in his throat. He wanted out of those fucking restraints.

“Fuck yourself, Alexis. Good girl.” J didn’t let up thrusting into her or pinching her tits. “You love it, the danger.” His voice was fucking molasses, washing over Luca, trapping him in the slow moving flow. “You love getting fucked by my knife while the good doctor watches, don’t you?”

“Oh God. Yes.” Alexis rocked, tits bouncing, stomach muscles contracting.

The sounds she made curled Luca’s toes and hugged his spine. Those familiar sounds never failed to get him there, and now as he watched her throw caution to the wind and ride the handle of that knife, Luca was on the edge, orgasm in his periphery without even touching himself. His wife did that to him every single time.

He loved her for it.

“Come for me, pretty Alexis.” J pressed a thumb over her clit. “Come all over my knife.”

And she did, head thrown back, the muscles in her neck standing out. Her body jerked. Luca groaned. He could imagine her cunt muscles contracting wildly as she gushed out her climax. Sweat glistened on her chest and between her breasts as she rode out her orgasm. When her body stilled, J kissed her stomach and smoothed a hand down her body.

Alexis panted.

“Shh. Shh.” J kissed her hip then pulled the knife out of her. Luca blinked, and then J was in front of him, yanking away the gag and shoving the knife handle into his mouth. Luca sucked on it, eyes sliding closed. Alexis’s taste exploded on his tongue, her salt and sweet and tart cream, and his balls exploded. He came with a jerk of his hips, warmth soaking through his boxers.

J pulled the knife out and stepped back. His own erection tented his jeans. He yanked his mask off and looked at Alexis then Luca. His blue eyes were heated now, full lips curled into a small smile. “Happy Anniversary.”

He was a stranger to Luca, not anyone he remembered ever meeting. They probably would never move in the same circles, but Luca didn’t care about that. He cared that his wife had given him what he’d wanted. What they both wanted. The ultimate fantasy.

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