(Watch Me) Unmask You



Run This Town, bk #3

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With one tug the thread unravels, and a world built on lies will come tumbling down


Too many bodies. Rivers of blood. Elias Kote sees them all in his sleep. Only the love of his husband and daughter keeps him alive and fighting. This contract killer is exhausted and weighed down with all the lies he tells every day. Who he is. What he does. How he came to have all he has. Elias can attest to nothing remaining hidden forever, but his secrets, when they do drop, shatters everything. Everyone. And leaves him scrambling to make his family whole again.

Ten years together. Three legally wed. One with their daughter. And in one night Lucky Mousasi’s world just…stops. What he thought was a random home invasion turns into way more. Masked men not only brutalize him, but they come armed with knowledge about Lucky, his husband, and the life he thought he knew. It seems nothing is coincidental, certainly not meeting and falling in love with Elias. Bruised, battered, heart ripped open, Lucky walks away.

An intimate rival will stop at nothing to neutralize the threat Elias poses, and the life he built out of guilt and desperation becomes collateral damage. When Lucky takes their daughter and disappears, Elias goes on a rampage. He will get his family back, but first he’s on an elimination mission. One bullet at a time.

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“I’ve always been here, Lucky,” Elias said softly. “Just because you haven’t seen me doesn’t mean I haven’t been protecting you, watching over you.”
Lucky covered his eyes and banged his head against the wall. “That’s why I’m not going to do this with you. Because you don’t seem to fucking get that I didn’t need you there, in the shadows. I needed you here, with me.” He dropped his hand. “So you watched me. Did you see me alone in my head, worrying over you? Did you see me waiting night after night for you to come sneaking in like some kinda thief? Did you see me stalking the mailbox to see if you’d sent me a Goddamn postcard, something to let me know you were alive?”
Elias didn’t speak.
“You watched me, right? Did you see the moment I gave up on waiting for you and went hunting for a man, any man to help me wipe away your memories, your touch?’
A muscle leapt in Elias’s cheek. Lucky didn’t stop, he couldn’t. He’d waited three years to say all of it.
“Did you see me lose myself in all those one-night stands, the anonymous sex, searching for something I knew, knew, only you could ever provide?”
Elias reached him into two strides and hauled Lucky into his arms, pressing against the door, taking his mouth again. This kiss was brutal, harsh, punishing. Lucky whimpered, lifting his legs to wrap them around Elias’s waist. They fought to lead, heads twisting this way and that. Elias held his face with both hands, breath harsh, heart thumping against Lucky’s chest.
This. He’d been searching for this, knowing damn well only one man could give it to him.
Right now, Elias did, he brought the explosion, eating, biting away at Lucky’s mouth, consuming him. Nothing mattered, not the distance and the years apart, not when Elias touched him deep inside, where Lucky allowed no one else. His tongue whipped through Lucky’s mouth, stampeding, as though trying to stamp his mark of possession, as if he was trying to claim Lucky, wipe away the taste of anyone else.
Lucky could tell him nothing ever mattered to him but Elias, but he was too caught up in trying to stake his own claim, wipe away anyone else Elias had ever been with. There should only ever be him. He wrapped Elias’s ponytail around his hand and yanked on it.
Elias grunted and reared back, eyes opening. His pupils were shot, irises a darker blue in his aroused state. They panted, chests heaving as they stared each other down.
“Prove it.” Lucky licked his lips, lashes fluttering when he tasted Elias. “Prove I can count on you. Prove you can stay in my life for more than a fucking day.”
Elias sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and Lucky’s body clenched “That’s your ultimatum?”
Elias nodded. “I have one of my own.”

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