Make Me Burn (The Make Me series, #2)

The Make Me series: Book 1

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It’s been six months since Wes Dumont laid eyes on Jayce Santana. Since Jayce kissed him then left town without a word. Wes tried hard to put the tattered pieces of his heart back together, but another failed relationship makes it clear he’s nowhere near over Jayce. Now Jayce is back, once again tilting Wes’ world on its axis and setting his blood boiling. All the anger and resentment doesn’t hide the hunger, but Wes has been burned before and he’s grown wary of Jayce’s intentions.
Jayce has been running, from Wes and himself, denying the future he sees in the depths of Wes’ eyes. He’s returned ready to fight. Ready to claim Wes the way he should have. Only Wes isn’t making things easy. Both men just may go up in flames before Jayce convinces Wes he’s playing for keeps.

A Second Chance M/M novella

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The frigid wind burned his exposed ears, but Wes ignored it. Huddled in the doorway of the apartment building, he watched his— What did he call Dominic Scotto? Lover? Boyfriend? None of those words really fit the relationship they’d fought fruitlessly to salvage these past months, but he blew into his palms and rubbed them together as Dominic spoke to his driver before walking over to Wes.

The streetlight glinted off Dominic’s jet black hair and dark features. Dressed in a black pullover and jeans, the sexy Italian looked more like the gorgeous boy next door than the only son of an international millionaire.

“Hey.” Dominic stood in front of him, gaze steady on his face. “I’ve got to go.”

Three days. Dom would be gone for three days. Wes had come over tonight to talk things over with Dom, but the other man was leaving while they were still in the middle of figuring out if this thing they had should be saved. Dom’s decision to up and leave without much input from Wes put that firmly in the no column.

He didn’t say anything, and Dominic’s jaw ticked. “I’ll…we’ll talk when I get back, okay?”

Pushing away from the door, Wes shrugged. “What’s there to say, Dom? You’ve made your decision.” He’d spent the past four months with Dom, the first two almost chained to his bed, but the mourning he’d expected at the loss of yet another relationship didn’t materialize. Maybe in the end he didn’t want to be with Dom anymore that Dom wanted to be with him.

Dominic grabbed his elbow and dragged him back inside the warmth of his apartment lobby. The doorman looked away discreetly as Dominic crowded Wes.

“You’re doing this now?” Anger burned in the dark eyes Wes once loved staring into. Dom’s fingers tightened where he held him. “I told you this trip is important. I couldn’t get out of going even if I wanted to.”

Wes shook his head with a sigh. “Dom, look. This has been coming for a while now. We’ve drifted apart.” Glancing at the doorman, he lowered his voice. “We haven’t shared a bed in at least a month. I miss that, but it’s more.”

Dominic squinted. “More what? Things have been crazy at the business and with my father, I told you that.” The petulance of a child sounded in Dom’s tone before he dropped Wes’ elbow and stepped back. “What more do you want?”

“You’re not hearing me.” Wes shoved his fingers through his hair. “There’s no need to talk when you get back.”

Once again, anger blazed in Dominic’s eyes and he opened his mouth, but his driver chose that moment to poke his head through the open door.

“Sir, we have to leave if we want to keep to the schedule.”

Dominic flinched. The muscle in his jaw ticked.

Wes brushed a kiss over Dom’s stiff lips. “Go,” he whispered.

Strong arms circled his waist and pulled him tight against Dom’s chest. The lips under his opened and Dom sank into him, kissing him harsh and deep.

Wes stiffened but responded to the kiss. Dom seemed intent on proving there was still something to revive in the wasteland of their relationship. The kisses that used to set his balls to aching and his heart to racing left him unmoved. The arms holding him so tight used to make him feel safe and cared for, but now they only restricted his ability to move. It was over.

Dominic appeared to finally get the message because he abruptly released Wes and pulled away. Eyes narrowed to flints, nostrils flared, Dom searched his gaze. “Wes.”

Raw anguish reached out to Wes, pouring from the small sound of his name. Surprising him. He thought Dom didn’t care.

“Sir.” The driver still waited.

The emotions he’d yearned for from Dom finally made an appearance, shimmering in those dark eyes, when Wes had finally given up. He stepped back. “Goodbye, Dom.”

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