Coming Undone

coming-undone1mShe’s caught between two men determined to use her to further their own ends, but only one has the power to unravel her control.

Caught up in a life built on secrets and blackmail, there isn’t much McKenna Lacey can do to change her circumstances. She’s been bought and paid for by a man who has no problem using her body for his own selfish needs. She bides her time, but doesn’t trust when a way out comes from the most unlikely of places; the scarred man who breaks into her home.

RJ has his own history with the man who owns McKenna. On the search for a missing woman, RJ thinks McKenna might be able to provide answers. It’s a simple thing; lay out his case and give McKenna a chance to help him, and herself in the process. What isn’t easy is knowing he can’t have the broken woman, but wanting her anyway.



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“Since when do you knock before you barge in?”

His massive shoulders moved slightly. “I do what I want.”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, that makes one of us.” When he didn’t make a move to enter the house, McKenna lifted an eyebrow. “Is there something in particular you’re here to bully me into, or did you come just to stand there and stare at me?”

His lips twisted. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Pushing his face up to hers, he snarled, “You’d like it if I came just to watch you. That way you could pull out your bag of tricks, try to use it on me like I’m sure you’ve done to many men countless times.”

Well, tell me how you feel, why don’t you? He really thought she was a whore, and McKenna was too damn exhausted to fight him. Besides, he was right. She used her body to keep a roof over her head, food in her belly, and her mother in the best health care facility possible. And she’d continue to do it, if it meant her mother stayed where she was instead of locked up. She didn’t tell RJ that, though.

Why fuck with the shitty image he already had of her? McKenna smiled at him, right in his face, making no move to step away. “You’re protesting too loudly, RJ old boy. There’s no one here but you and me. It’s cool to admit you want to know what the fuss is about.” She winked. “I’ll bet good money you lie in your cold bed at night and wonder why Salim keeps me around. Is the kitty that good?” She lowered her voice. “I keep it tight. Military style.”

His face didn’t move, not a muscle, but his one good eye did. The pupil dilated, green rapidly disappearing under the widening pupil. Yeah, proof he wanted her, but what the hell could she do with it? What did she want to do with it? Heat unfurled in her belly, a thread unraveling, the ground under her feet suddenly unsteady.

Her lips parted and she backed up.

RJ followed her though the door, a look of utter concentration on his face. McKenna wanted to turn tail and run, but she kept her gaze on him and continued backing into her living room. He stalked her, footsteps quiet, moves calculated and sexy.

Fuck. Why was this shit happening to her now? Why was she finding this man attractive? She bumped into the wall and stopped with a gasp.

RJ crowded her, arms caging her in. He leaned close, and she caught a whiff of him, all sweat and leather and… Jesus. A sound left her throat and he growled in response.


Her panties dampened.

He put his mouth to her ear. “I’m not Salim,” he whispered. “My life isn’t about getting laid or how many women I fuck.” His breath tickled the side of her neck, and McKenna tried desperately to hide the shivers that came with the sensation of him.

The air grew thick, tense, until she couldn’t breathe it in.

“I can be attracted to you,” RJ continued, “and not do anything about it. I don’t think with my dick, and getting to taste you is not on my to-do list.”

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