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Mar 17

Forgive me for taking so long in between posts. I’ve been digging deep to finish the last book in the Fantasies: Thr33 trilogy. It’s done, I’m happy to say. It’s MMM, was MMF, but the character’s vag turned into a cock half way through.

Hey, I just write the stuff.

So I just have to make the changes that my darling beta reader suggests and then send that book on to the publisher. Once that’s done, it’s full speed ahead with Levi and Van, and Dutch and Patel.

Yes. I’ll be writing both books at once, although while L&V will be published via Ellora’s Cave, Dutch and Patel (and the entire Loose Ends trilogy) will be published via my own publishing company, Sinner’s Haven Publishing. Yep, branching off. I’m on some new new, right now. Some other shit.

I’ve been getting glimpse of L&V, and D&P (ooh DP) and while I’m not completely immersed into their worlds yet, I’m still writing down random scenes and dialogue as they come to me. Gang members in my FB group have been reaping the benefits as I share it with them. Made them cry ‘nuff times, I’m proud to say. As I get my mind right for the men and their drama, I’m sort of going through what I know about them. Which is not a lot, I never know much when I embark on writing a book. But L&V aren’t that complicated. We know the big stuff: Van was FBI, he lied about who he was and what he was, and got Levi to fall in love with him while trying to learn all he could about the Nieto brothers (who Levi had no idea existed) So that plan was a freaking bust from jump street. Would have been a no harm no foul situ…except for Van actually liking and then loving Levi and actually marrying the poor boy. For reals. So crap hit the fan at a hundred miles an hour and Levi broke out, Van fell apart and began going on suicide missions. And fate brings Van to Philly one day just in time for him to see his long lost husby getting fucked by another man. A criminal. JP, anyone?

How’s that for effed up, eh?

So, it’s my job to make Van not be such a bastard. Which, I mean isn’t that just the toughest? And to make Levi move past the battered heart and the lies and grab on to the fact that there was a reason he loved Van in the first place.

Sounds easy enough. No? Yeah, didn’t think so. But that’s what I’m working with regarding L&V. Even though I don’t know what’s going to happen, I have the general gist. I can work with it.

D&P are opposite. I ran screaming over to my FB Gang when I finally got a glimpse of Dutch’s background. Oh, that boy is a mystery. A very deep, dark, soulful mystery. Think about the money, the pull, and the influence Syren had. Now multiply that sum’bitch by a hundred. That’s Dutch. He’s way more dangerous and powerful than Syren. Way more vulnerable because of that power. Oh, he’s gonna be a beauty to unravel. I’m gonna tell you right now, I know nothing about Patel. I know what you know, which is that he’s married with a baby on the way and that he’s got a thing for Dutch. That, my friends, is it. I know nothing. Patel is wrapped up tight, which might explain why he’s in the situation he’s in, married and lusting after Dutch. Oh, the boy is gonna run Dutch ragged, the one man Dutch can’t control or neutralize or handle. And no matter how many times he hurts Dutch, there will be Dutch, going back for more because he’s gone, totally gone over Patel. His wife is also a character I think will surprise you.

I should start them once I sub the fantasies 3 book, which should be a few days.

On another note, I’m moving to Atlanta over the summer. Well, the family is moving. July. It’s a move and a change that wouldn’t have been possible if not for you so I wanted to say Thanks for that. And hey, if you live ‘round that way, feel free to hit me up with some suggestions on what to do and where to go when I get there.

I’ve got the next part of JP’s interview for you and I should have that up within a day or so. I’m pretty sure that once I get into writing the boys, I won’t be stopping by that much, so feel free to email if you wanna say hi, or ask about the progress, and of course I’ll be on Twitter and FB.


  1. You are one busy bee, don’t forget to sleep ;)

  2. Bogusia /

    Thanks for the update! Love MMM :)

  3. Lottie /

    I’m looking forward to all your books, have fun writing. and Av, your moving even closer! maybe one day you will have a book signing, and I’ll be able to come. I’m really waiting for those print books. OMG! Im patiently waiting. Enjoy your move Avril, safe travels.

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