May 05

Aren’t we past due for an update? Not sure, but here’s one anyway. Now, I’ve yapped on and on about my process, which isn’t really a process so much as it’s me putting ass in the chair and letting shit just happen. I hit a sort of block with Tek and Quinn. Wasn’t so much as it was a roadblock as much as it was a “I don’t even know what the fuck is...

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The What Ifs…

Apr 23

As I get close to writing Tek and Quinn’s first love scene, I had to stop for a second. Mostly to get my mind right. For them, my mind needs to be in the right zone. It’s not there. But I was thinking about Tek last night. About how much I love him. Now, I adore all my dudes. And Quinn is giving Tek a run for his money when it comes to owning my heart. Sometimes...

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You call this an Update?

Apr 21

It’s time for an update, yep. I’m at the halfway mark on Tek and Quinn. 50k words. This is gonna be a long one. For real though. And I’m all twisted up in the different strands of the story that I’m hoping to connect, meaning shit is mad complicated yo. It’s a difficult tale to tell because I’m trying to give you this love story but also show you some...

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#LGBTQ Push Back #Charity #Giveaway

Apr 18

  LGBT people make up less than 10% of the overall population, yet 40% of homeless kids in the U.S. identify as LGBT. Of them, 68% cited family rejection for the reason they were on the streets. Studies have repeatedly shown that homeless LGBT kids are more at risk of being attacked, robbed, and raped than their heterosexual counterparts, more likely to engage...

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Tek and Quinn + An Excerpt

Apr 13

As so often happens, life got in the way of much of my writing today. So I figured I’d hop on over here and drop a little excerpt in your lap, try to ease that hunger you got for all things Tek and Quinn.   ****   Denial. He’d denied himself. And he’d pretended. Until it cracked, that smooth, fake façade. It shattered and he’d collapsed under...

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