When the Bullies Come Out

May 04

I wanted to take some time to thank everyone for reading Scars and Secrets, and reaching out to me to tell me how much they’re liking it. I appreciate it more than you could ever know. More. There’s something that happens right before I hit publish on a book, up until the early days directly after its release where I doubt everything that’s on the page. Where I...

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I wrote a Book

Apr 29

So I wrote a book. It’s a little past 4 am, but I woke for a bathroom break and found myself unable to go back to sleep so I figured. Why the hell not? I wrote a book. Scars and Secrets is the title. Wrote it. Deleted all of it. Started again. Then stopped. Then I wrote some more. The words had always been slow in coming for this book, the reason it’s been...

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Four Years in the Making!

Mar 29

Howdy! So it’s 10:38 at night and I literally just typed “THE END” on Levi and Van. Four years in the making. This book. These characters have been with me since 2012. Since I wrote Sinner, Savior. These men and their shit has been with me, on my mind, for four years. I can’t even express to you how much of a sigh of a relief it is to say yes, I have typed...

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Mar 01

I have been missing in action, but if you’re on social media you know it’s because I’ve been dealing with some pretty major health issues. Nothing is concrete yet as far as just what in the hell is wrong with me. But I haven’t been well in long, long time. That makes writing not my top priority. Most days, I’m just in bed staring at the ceiling. I can’t...

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So Yeah…

Jan 27

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted an update. You guys have been patient with me. Thanks for that. The members of my FB Group know this already, but I have to put it out there for everyone else. With all my health issues, I had to back out of the Anthology I’d signed on to do. That sucks, having to abandon something like such an awesome project with a great...

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