Feb 24

Something I learned about myself recently: I don’t like listening to my love scenes. I couldn’t for the life of me keep a straight face when listening to the audio books. I couldn’t take it. I’d fast forward to the other parts, like narrative and dialogue. No sex. My poor heart can’t take it. It’s just too weird man, even for a freak like me.

I had lots of time to think about Levi and Van this weekend. I’m gonna be going back to basics. Deleting most if not all of what I’ve written so far and starting from scratch. See how that goes.

The final book in the Fantasies: Thr33 series was supposed to be MMF, but uh, it changed and so now it’s MMM. I don’t question this shit, I just write the words.

I’ve written the first two chapters of Dutch and Patel, and I’m freaking drooling at the juiciness of it all. It’s juicy because I have no idea who these men are, especially Dutch. The way he’s been in Syren’s free read makes me think he’s got major secrets, especially when Syren mentioned that no one should know how much power Dutch has. So the question is, who is Dutch? Already he intrigues me. Patel is all in his feelings right now, all woe is me and poor me and shit. I don’t know his story either but something tells me it’s all effed up. His wife, by the way, I adore, the two seconds I met her. And she and Dutch are really good friends. Which can lead to nothing good, can it? Dutch wanting her man?

Sometimes I wonder why I make this shit so complicated, because I know when time comes to actually sit and immerse myself in the stories, I’ll be gnashing my teeth and pulling out my hair and complaining about how fucked everything is. I set these impossible high goals and put complicated land mines all over my stories then wonder why the characters are so messed up. I blame myself, y’all.

I’ll be interviewing Shane soon, any questions for him?   


  1. Hi Avril

    Can’t wait for Dutch and Patel!


  2. I want to ask Shane what did he do when JP let him leave? Did he go out with anyone or was he planning on changing JP’s mind?
    Information about the wedding and honeymoon?
    what shit hit the fan at work because you didn’t give up JP.
    Does his family like JP? Where do they live?
    who donated the sperm? Will we know when the baby is born? What does their house look like? Did rafe design it?

  3. That night that JP tied him up in the basement and cut and beat him, does that ever come up in his mind, make him sad? Give him nightmares?… Does he know what Pablo did to York the night York took Shane?…

    Avril, Patel and Dutch, I sit, I wait, I sit and I wait for your books. Can’t wait! Cant wait! Also, do you know when Angel and cop go to print? Is it next month, or am I thinking of something else?

    Thanks for the updates!

  4. I’m not sure. i’ll read it again tomorrow and post any questions. other then who is the baby daddy and what happened with his job after the investigation. do they stay in Atlanta?

  5. It was weird at first listening to the boys but this week I’ve been more productive than I’ve
    Been in a while. Angel and Gabe just made me smile..JP and Shane was just HOT…I started the Marshall and Syren today. I’ve read all the boys multiple times but listening has been wonderful.

    The free reads also has brought so much insight to there backgrounds and there daily lives, I thank you for that. I have been a very happy lady at work…

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