Cover Reveal!

Oct 02

COMING SOON (Later this Month)   The last thing on Damian Archer’s mind is a relationship. He’s focused on running the family business and keeping up appearances. He’s fine with the way things are, until the tattooed help at a friend’s party takes one look at him and calls him on his bull. Fired from a brand new job, Fin Thornton is homeless and...

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That Publisher There… #notchilled

Sep 03

I have a few publishers. I sold 12 books last quarter with one of them. I know because I have a royalty statement from that publisher which spells out, clear enough for me to read, exactly that. I know because my account is now $11 and some cents richer. I can count on reputable publishers doing the right thing. I can set my watch to when statements and dollars,...

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#NewRelease from Tyler Robbins! #GLBT #MMRomance

Aug 25

Since I’m away in crazy-land, doing crazy-land type stuff, I thought I’d drop by and give you a little some’n to make up for the abandonment. A lovely young lady, mighty dear to me, has her latest release out, and I really think you should get yourself a copy. You trust me, right? You know I only give you that good shit, right? Aight...

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Cover Reveal: Unrestrained: A Duology by Shyla Colt and La Quette

Aug 14

  Title: Unrestrained: A Duology Author: Shyla Colt and LaQuette Release: August 28, 2015 Goodreads Blurb: Power Privilege & Pleasure by LaQuette When a need for unrestrained power and control unfurls…chaos usually follows. Alexis-Jeovonni Tenetti is the most prolific legal mind of her time. She uses her genius to create intricate solutions for the...

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Is and Reggie. After Seraphina.

Jul 24

In between reading a shit-ton of books–which I do when I’m depressed–I wrote another lil thing. I was missing my boys. So I visited them. Petted them and shit. I’d always intended to write this scene. So here it is.   * May contain SPOILERS if you haven’t read Save You*    “I’m your mother. I will never stop worrying about...

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