Feb 24

Now that Elias and Lucky are out, of course the next question is Tek, when? How soon? Now a lot of you are already running scared ‘cause of that whole teaser thing there. Don’t blame ya. I wish I could say it gets better. The truth is, even though I have no concrete knowledge of what the book will be about, I do know it gets worse before it gets better. Already I...

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By Now…

Feb 21

…Everyone should know that Elias and Lucky are out there in the wild. If you didn’t know, this is your heads up. We’ll pardon you as you run off to snag your copy. The days immediately following hitting “publish” are a weird mix of fright and exhilaration. I’m as lost as can be, always the same after I put a book out. For a little while my mind is...

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New Release!

Feb 20

Hey all. Happy Friday. (Watch Me) Unmask You is now live on Amazon and All Romance. Kobo, B&N and iBooks will be a bit slower to come online, but I wanted to let you know. Go forth and grab that. Read, rate, review. Then hit me up to yell at me. I’m ready. *wink*

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The Fear…

Feb 18

So I’m back. These past few days I’ve been walking around with a knot in my stomach. Any why, do you ask, is Av all knotted? Why do you think? Other people are reading my work! OHMAHGAH. You have no idea. Or maybe you do, after all I do bitch and moan a lot. Okay. So I sent Unmask You to be beta’d. Then I start worrying. It’s what I do. Then I make myself...

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A Valentine’s Day Update

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves. Hope you’re spending it with those you love. It’s not a big deal in my house, never has been, but our daughter is really into it this year and has decided her dad and I are her Valentine. So we’re gonna take her out to do stuff. Not sure what yet. I wanted to let you know that Unmask You is in the beta stage. Wherein my beta...

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