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Apr 18

  It started when my sister Sarah overheard me talking to my boyfriend on the phone. That afternoon, under the football stadium bleachers, Jonathan and I had our first kiss, and I told him how much I liked it, how I wanted to do it again. I didn’t notice the click of another phone in the house being picked up, but I sure heard it when my parents yelled my...

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Tek and Quinn + An Excerpt

Apr 13

As so often happens, life got in the way of much of my writing today. So I figured I’d hop on over here and drop a little excerpt in your lap, try to ease that hunger you got for all things Tek and Quinn.   ****   Denial. He’d denied himself. And he’d pretended. Until it cracked, that smooth, fake façade. It shattered and he’d collapsed under...

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Post Vacation Update

Apr 10

Thought it was about time I let you know that I’m home from vacation. You know there’s that thing after you’ve been away where you gotta get your bearings back? I’m there. So as I post this, I haven’t written anything on Tek and Quinn in 10 days. That’s gonna remain the status quo until next Monday. That’s when kid returns to school and we resume our...

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Another Update

Mar 27

Another update for ya! We’re at the 30k mark. Now, this is almost as if I’d just started writing yesterday, meaning there’s a fuckload more to get written, which translates to, no dates. I keep getting asked that. I can’t estimate, something could happen today or tomorrow in real life which will throw all that planning and date setting out the window. Ask me...

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Mar 21

Time for an update! Wheee. I see you over there rubbing your hands together in glee. We’re at 20k. The Facebook crew gets a teaser a day, sometimes more. Yes, I know I should stop spoiling them. Not gonna go into detail about anything, mostly cause I don’t have details. Y’all know I knows nuthin ’bout nuthin until its actually typed on the page. Lots of tears...

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