Another Update

Mar 27

Another update for ya! We’re at the 30k mark. Now, this is almost as if I’d just started writing yesterday, meaning there’s a fuckload more to get written, which translates to, no dates. I keep getting asked that. I can’t estimate, something could happen today or tomorrow in real life which will throw all that planning and date setting out the window. Ask me...

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Mar 21

Time for an update! Wheee. I see you over there rubbing your hands together in glee. We’re at 20k. The Facebook crew gets a teaser a day, sometimes more. Yes, I know I should stop spoiling them. Not gonna go into detail about anything, mostly cause I don’t have details. Y’all know I knows nuthin ’bout nuthin until its actually typed on the page. Lots of tears...

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On Faith and Surprises

Mar 03

Before I lost my heart to MM romance, I wanted to write erotic romance with women with the same skin color like mine. I’ve been OD’ing on romance books since I was twelve or so, and most of the heroines on the pages were definitely not who I saw in the mirror. The books were out there, for sure, but I wanted them to be more…harder, nastier, not so nice, and not...

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It’s Bout That Time

Mar 02

It’s just about to be that time again when I start writing another book. Yes. I’ve written about 4 chapters worth of Tek and Quinn, but that was months ago. So now, I get to fully immerse myself in all that fuckery. Somebody better send me cupcakes and wine after this, is all I’m saying. Quick rundown for those of you who weren’t at the slumber party in my FB...

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Feb 24

Now that Elias and Lucky are out, of course the next question is Tek, when? How soon? Now a lot of you are already running scared ‘cause of that whole teaser thing there. Don’t blame ya. I wish I could say it gets better. The truth is, even though I have no concrete knowledge of what the book will be about, I do know it gets worse before it gets better. Already I...

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