Okay Listen…

Nov 27

 It’s after 11 at night, and I’m writing. And I just wrote Levi. Because you know, like I said (pretty sure I said it), this book will be as much about Levi and Donovan, and Dutch and Patel, as it is about Sullivan and Carter. So yeah, Levi is on screen here. Talking and stuff. And I can’t handle it. I mean, it’s already fucking with me. I cannot wait for...

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That First Mistake is here!

Nov 24

Finally! I wanted to read something, so I wrote it. And it’s here, in case you want in as well. That First Mistake signals my step back into what brought some of you to me: MF romance. So yep, it’s filthy. And it’s fucked up. You can say that when you rate/review Amazon | All Romance | Evernight Publishing |...

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Cover Reveal!

Nov 13

I have for your viewing pleasure the cover art for my upcoming M/F release from Evernight Publishing.     BLURB   A drunken, late night phone call from his twenty-two year old son has Grant Forena driving hundreds of miles to knock some sense into him. Instead he finds himself butting heads with the most stunning young woman he’s ever seen. McKay Priestly...

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About Hidden Scars

Nov 05

I began writing All These Hidden Scars, this month. I hope to finish by the end of November. So I’m doing NaNoWriMo, which (for my readers who aren’t on social media and don’t know) is basically a challenge to write 50k words in 30 days. I’m doing it even though I’m allergic to deadlines and all that shit. I’m doing it because I need to get this book to...

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Cover Reveal! …Sullivan

Oct 26

The next book up to be written, is All These Hidden Scars. It is Sullivan’s book. He is introduced in Keep Me Wanting. I keep telling you my brain is a fucked up mess. Y’all don’t listen. I know you want me to get on with the Loose Ends books. Hell, I want to get on with the Loose Ends books. But I will never be that author who writes it just because. Who...

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