Go Fund Me

Sep 19

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know some things. Not going to go into all that I’ve already gone over about my issues with Ellora’s Cave. No doubt you know all about them. I did mention in that classless post that apparently needed to be deep-sixed, (a fellow author’s take on it) about my bills and the consequences of the late checks. Well…Today the...

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What’s Next?

Sep 15

I’m officially on hiatus. Which basically means I’m sitting around here, listening to music and staring into space as I wait for my characters to speak to me. It’s how I work. If the voices aren’t loud enough, nothing gets done. That’s my thing. Definitely doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve tried a few times to explain my process, but it’s...

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#AuthorSpotlight: Kade Boehme

Sep 12

I had the enviable task of wrangling the funny and uber-talented Kade Boehme for an interview recently. I thought I was a busy bee, but our Kade takes the cake. He sat still long enough to answer some questions. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   *** Av: Tell us all about you in one word. Kade: Dreamer. Av: And who doesn’t love a dreamer, eh? When did...

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On #RoyaltyWatch

Sep 10

I’ve talked some about the issues I’ve been having with one of my publishers. Talked here. Talked on FB and Twitter. Time to talk again. It’s that time again, when I’m searching high and low for my check. Here’s the thing: Most will ask why I gotta talk about it. Why I gotta take it outside the office, put the business all up in the streets. I’d like to...

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X and Dima are here!

Sep 09

And they’re off! Or in this case, they’re on… Amazon that is. Live and direct and coming atcha! I’m so freaking glad that it’s out. Now go forth and multiply…I mean read. I always have a certain clenching when I put them out there in the wild. And X and D are different. There’s no good guy loving the bad guy. It’s straight up bad guy loving bad guy....

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