Part Fourteen: NOT MY SINNER

Jul 21

I had nothing to do. Got tired of eating cake. Ha, no way! I just had some time to kill, figured I’d just put you out of your misery.   Chapter Fourteen   This silence…   Teo didn’t even know how he made it to the bathroom, but he did. He stood on weak knees and looked at himself in the mirror. Thin trails of blood decorated his chest and...

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#AuthorSpotlight: Tyler Robbins’ Broken Neon

Jul 19

BROKEN NEON by Tyler Robbins is racing up Amazon’s Best Seller’s lists, and with good reason. If you haven’t checked out this awesomeness yet, now’s the time. Read an excerpt below then get to buying! Broken Neon By Tyler Robbins   Blurb: Country music singer, Zane Alexander has struggled to keep his sexuality a secret, but hiding his...

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Part Thirteen: NOT MY SINNER

Jul 18

I’m on hiatus for the weekend. Sunday is release day for SO FAR GONE , and I want to take some time to regroup. So that means the next part will be up on Tuesday.   Chapter Thirteen   “I want you to bleed,” Tommy whispered as he stared up into Teo’s shocked face. “For me. Like you made me bleed for you.” Teo’s throat worked and he glanced...

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Part Twelve: NOT MY SINNER

Jul 17

Chapter Twelve     “What the fuck did you do?” Teo didn’t fight the chokehold Pablo had on him, but he wanted to. He wanted to break away from the censure and judgment in Pablo’s eyes and dash up the stairs. Because Tommy had to be up those stairs. “I trusted you with him.” Pablo glanced behind him then back to Teo. “That fucking kid is...

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Part Eleven: NOT MY SINNER

Jul 16

Chapter Eleven   Teo hunched his shoulders and stared at the regret on Reggie’s face. “He can’t have disappeared, Reggie. His car is still here. His…” He shook his head. “I don’t—” The panic was crippling him. Tommy was gone, vanishing in an instant, and Teo didn’t know where else to look. He’d called everyone he could think of. Tommy was...

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