Revised Blurb

Apr 15

I had to redo the story blurb for Levi and Van (Lies Sinners Tell) as more details of the story reveals itself to me. Nothing against the old one, but this new one sounds much more Mmm, doesn’t it?   Trapped between the past and the present… Donovan Cintron is barely hanging on to sanity when he’s assigned to cozy up to Levi Nieto. He expects the...

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Breaking the Silence

Apr 08

You know why the long silence, so I’m not even gonna try to explain. Y’all know when I’m in my zone, I’m in ma zone. Alright, yeah been working on lots of things. So many pans in the fire I’m a juggling fool up in here. This update is really for you guys who aren’t in my FB group, because the inmates get all my nagging in real time. In addition to writing...

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Juan Pablo Castillo: The Interview (2)

Mar 20

The last book in my Fantasies: Thr33 trilogy has been sent off to my publisher. If they accept it, it’s never a given that they will, look for a release date somewhere late April, early May. I start Levi and Van, Dutch and Patel tomorrow (Friday). I’ll be working on both at the same time, like I said. I’ll keep you up to date with my progress via...

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Almost There

Mar 17

Forgive me for taking so long in between posts. I’ve been digging deep to finish the last book in the Fantasies: Thr33 trilogy. It’s done, I’m happy to say. It’s MMM, was MMF, but the character’s vag turned into a cock half way through. Hey, I just write the stuff. So I just have to make the changes that my darling beta reader suggests and then send that...

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Juan Pablo Castillo: The Interview

Mar 13

Taking a break from writing to bring you some Juan Pablo Castillo. Anything you wanna ask. Do so in the comments.   **Part One**     Av: The infamous Juan Pablo Castillo. At last we meet. J.P: You’re staring. Av: Am I, and can you blame me if I am? J.P: This is supposed to be an interview, so let’s do this. Av: Got someplace better to be? J.P:...

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