She’s Back

Jun 29

I had many reasons to be silent. Shit got mad hectic. It’s settling down a bit, but I still have a ways to go. But… Since we last spoke, I acquired a husband. Yes, Mr. A finally put a ring on it. We went to New York, spent a week in Brooklyn with our family and friends, and had a nice, easy, breezy, quickie ceremony downtown at City Hall. It’s how I roll. I...

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Yes, Girl. Done Did It.

May 31

I hit The End. Yess. But with me, The End is really just the beginning. Believe it or not, that was the easy part. The hard part starts now, where I gotta make all that jumbled mess make sense. Because it is jumbled. I gotta add at least, at least, about 20k more words. And it’s at 80k right now. The final, published word count for Elias and Lucky was 80k. So this...

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Getting Closer

May 21

So I just wrote the ‘DARK MOMENT’ in Tek and Quinn’s book. Which is to say, we’re drifting ever closer to the end. Not close, but closer. There’s still a bit more to get done. Tek needs to man up and grovel. Shit needs to happen. Then some other shit which will then allow other shit to go down. Yep. But closer to the end so that’s always good. Now, if...

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I always have a moment…

May 10

I always have a moment, after I’ve stayed away from a manuscript for a while. I walk away from it because I’m lost, or pretty sure it sucks, or some kind of weird variation of those two themes. And as it always happens, I go back. Because my men call me back. They do, and I answer. I return to them. I reacquaint myself with them. And I’m always struck with how...

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May 05

Aren’t we past due for an update? Not sure, but here’s one anyway. Now, I’ve yapped on and on about my process, which isn’t really a process so much as it’s me putting ass in the chair and letting shit just happen. I hit a sort of block with Tek and Quinn. Wasn’t so much as it was a roadblock as much as it was a “I don’t even know what the fuck is...

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