Download T&T – Get Dima too.

Jul 29

I promised you a downloadable version of T&T, so here it is. The PDF can be downloaded here: Not My Sinner or via the Free Reads page: If you’re all in a hurry to get to Dima’s part of things, just g’head and scroll right to the end. You know you want to. I’ve added it to Goodreads, if you wanna...

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Jul 26

So, you’ll see more T&T in Levi and Van’s book. Sometime next week, I’ll put this all together in a PDF for you to download. At the end of that PDF will be Dima’s story blurb along with a chapter/excerpt. Something for you to look forward to? No more free reads after this. I’m back to Levi and Van. About motherfracking time I dealt...

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Part Sixteen: NOT MY SINNER

Jul 25

We’re almost to the end. Yep. I’m damn sad saying that, actually. I have loved these boys more and more as I write them. Fallen deeper and deeper in love with T&T. But we can’t keep them with us indefinitely. We have to say goodbye. So this is a warning, to prepare to say goodbye. Gonna be one more, I think. One last part.   Chapter...

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Part Fifteen: NOT MY SINNER

Jul 24

Chapter Fifteen   “His name is Noah.” Teo needed to start somewhere and this was as good a place as any to break the silence that continued from the bathroom. He and Tommy lay atop the bare mattress after stripping the bed of its soiled contents. Tommy tensed. Teo stared straight ahead. “I’ve known about him for three months. I’ve lied to you every day for...

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Part Fourteen: NOT MY SINNER

Jul 21

I had nothing to do. Got tired of eating cake. Ha, no way! I just had some time to kill, figured I’d just put you out of your misery.   Chapter Fourteen   This silence…   Teo didn’t even know how he made it to the bathroom, but he did. He stood on weak knees and looked at himself in the mirror. Thin trails of blood decorated his chest and...

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