Thankful/#Blackfriday sale

Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends. Okay, so it’s after 6p.m. and all meals have been consumed. The itis is setting in. My peoples know what I mean. I was just hanging around, bloated and shit, and thought I would do something for you. Especially my overseas peeps. I know the exchange rate when buying my books can be nuff, so Body You is on sale at Amazon only....

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On Free Reads

Nov 18

When I started that very first Brooklyn Sinners free read, it was a way to say thank you to my readers. And to keep you hooked on them while I wrote the next…and the next. I never actually intended to make those books so damn complicated that they needed more and more. Goes to show how my mind works. I wrote the free reads as a gift to you, my faithful...

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Thinking Thoughts…

Nov 17

I opened this Word Doc to talk about something that had been on my mind for a minute. Another author’s post spurred me so much that I really intended to write on it, but while washing dishes just now, I just… I said, “Av, shut your damn mouth.” Strong possibility it might be taken the wrong way. It might not. Not gonna take the chance. I will do what I’ve...

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Nov 13

So  Is and Reggie are up on sale. Did it all last night, nice and stealthy-like. And right now? The nerves are killing me. Enough about that, though. You can buy and read and form your own opinions on it. I’m on hiatus, and will likely start the next book after Thanksgiving. If they’re loud enough it might be sooner, we’ll see. Yesterday I also sent out...

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The End Update

Nov 02

If you’re not in my FB group, or on FB and Twitter, and aren’t signed up to my newsletter, then this blog post is really all for you. Said I’d be back when I typed The End. I did that on Thursday. Release date is Nov 18th. Could be earlier. I’ve got the awesomely delicious and drool-worthy cover, you can lick it, and read an excerpt, here. The book is 60k of...

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