Sick Kid, Where We Are

Oct 18

  Typing on my tablet. My vision is blurry from lack of sleep so forgive any typos. Right now, I’m curled up on a cot no wider than my own body frame at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. Mr. A is snoring next to me and kid is the hospital bed, trying to sleep. We’ve been out of the house since 7 pm Friday night. Since then we’ve been...

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40k Update

Oct 15

I said I’d be back with an update once I hit 40k on Is and Reggie. Welp. I just did. Would have hit it way earlier, but today is the first day I’ve written anything since last Friday. What with sick kid and just plain ole laziness on my part… Here’s the thing, I write when my mind, my muse and my boys say write. So if today I don’t feel like it, or the boys...

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And You Say…

Oct 06

I’ve been MIA. I know. I know. But in my defense, I’ve been writing Is and Reggie. Ooh wee babee. Okay. I decided to pop in real quick to give the general population an update. I have reached 20k on Is and Reggie. X and Dima was about 66k, so that’s the sort of reach I’m going for, but I won’t know exactly how long the book will be. Please don’t ask if it...

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Go Fund Me

Sep 19

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know some things. Not going to go into all that I’ve already gone over about my issues with Ellora’s Cave. No doubt you know all about them. I did mention in that classless post that apparently needed to be deep-sixed, (a fellow author’s take on it) about my bills and the consequences of the late checks. Well…Today the...

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What’s Next?

Sep 15

I’m officially on hiatus. Which basically means I’m sitting around here, listening to music and staring into space as I wait for my characters to speak to me. It’s how I work. If the voices aren’t loud enough, nothing gets done. That’s my thing. Definitely doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve tried a few times to explain my process, but it’s...

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