Hotter the Love by Lea Bronsen

Sep 19

  After sexy cover model Yushka proposed, life is more turbulent than ever for erotic romance author Andrea. He is expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend, who says she doesn’t want to keep it. How will Andrea’s sons take upcoming life changes? To make things more complicated, her ex goes to great lengths to coax her back, and one of her sons’...

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Love’s Changes by LaQuette

May 31

I want to take the time out from always yapping about moi to bring you a little juicy some’n from an author who is near and dear to me. LaQuette is debuting her first M/M novella and I am honored to share her awesomesauce-ness (it is a word) with you. Read the blurb and excerpt then g’head and pre-order this book. That’s an order! Oh, and...

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#NewRelease from Tyler Robbins! #GLBT #MMRomance

Aug 25

Since I’m away in crazy-land, doing crazy-land type stuff, I thought I’d drop by and give you a little some’n to make up for the abandonment. A lovely young lady, mighty dear to me, has her latest release out, and I really think you should get yourself a copy. You trust me, right? You know I only give you that good shit, right? Aight...

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Cover Reveal: Unrestrained: A Duology by Shyla Colt and La Quette

Aug 14

  Title: Unrestrained: A Duology Author: Shyla Colt and LaQuette Release: August 28, 2015 Goodreads Blurb: Power Privilege & Pleasure by LaQuette When a need for unrestrained power and control unfurls…chaos usually follows. Alexis-Jeovonni Tenetti is the most prolific legal mind of her time. She uses her genius to create intricate solutions for the...

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Out Now – Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #erotica #romance #gay #mm #military

Jan 29

  Blurb Their love is forbidden by rules, religion and risk. Yet still they can’t resist. Captain Hugh Wilkes is on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. The British Army is withdrawing, and Wilkes expects his posting to be event-free. That is, until he meets his Afghan interpreter, Rustam Balkhi, who awakens desires in Wilkes that he’d almost forgotten...

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#AuthorSpotlight: Kade Boehme

Sep 12

I had the enviable task of wrangling the funny and uber-talented Kade Boehme for an interview recently. I thought I was a busy bee, but our Kade takes the cake. He sat still long enough to answer some questions. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   *** Av: Tell us all about you in one word. Kade: Dreamer. Av: And who doesn’t love a dreamer, eh? When did...

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