Jul 18

The release of Scars and Ruin has been pushed back, put on hold. It’s not something I wanted to do, but as the guys in my facebook group knows, I’ve been having some issues health-wise. That means my mind isn’t right and if my mind isn’t right, I can’t work to make sure I’m putting out my best. Until that happens the laptop stays...

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Pre-Order Saint’s Surrender

Jun 18

Saint’s Surrender is now available for pre-order.   Tattooed half-breed, Takayo ‘Saint’ St. John, kills for the Paranormal Security Council with single-minded efficiency. He’s never questioned or failed his assignments…until he stares into the cornflower blue eyes of Ryken Valte, the man whose life he’s infiltrated under false pretenses. Harsh...

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Love’s Changes by LaQuette

May 31

I want to take the time out from always yapping about moi to bring you a little juicy some’n from an author who is near and dear to me. LaQuette is debuting her first M/M novella and I am honored to share her awesomesauce-ness (it is a word) with you. Read the blurb and excerpt then g’head and pre-order this book. That’s an order! Oh, and...

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Mo Cover Tho

May 19

I’ve gone on and on about the bad publisher. But that’s just the one. Everyone else has been good. I have two other publishers. Used to have four, but one shut down and I got all my rights back from the other. I only actively submit to one. You might not know but I have a paranormal series, and I’ve been steadily—slowly, but surely—acquiring my rights...

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Dutch + Patel | Cover and Blurb

May 18

I have here for you today, the new blurb for Scars and Ruin. Dutch and Patel. D&P DP. Ha. But enough about double penetration. You see that cover right there? That’s a scene ripped straight from the pages, which might be my favorite scene ever to write. Just. Saying. I just started writing the book (up to chapter three). Please don’t hound me about...

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Four Years Ago…

May 16

Four years ago, May 9th 2012, Love the Sinner was published. That date also happens to be my birthday. May 9. Yep, I just had another one. So on that date four years ago, something happened. You happened. It seemed like it was overnight when the emails came from you, telling me how much you loved Gabe and Angel. It seemed like it was overnight that I was making money...

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