Happy New Year!

Dec 31

It’s the end of another year. Figured I should write up something. Put my thoughts about the past year down for posterity. My mind is a jumbled mess so no doubt this post is gonna be as well.

Felt as if 2014 went by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, but there were times I felt it would never freaking end. You know how that goes? When things are going good, time flies by so fast, but when it’s all bad, that fucker slows all the way down and you can’t ever see it ending.

It’s been a year of new.

I’m not usually a fan of new, but the new things that happened in 2014, I actually liked. New state, new direction in my career.

Things were really bad, too. You know this. You were there with me, cheering me on and lending a helping hand. You will never fully know how much I treasure you for it.

It’s been scary, the newness. Scary. Terrifying.

But I got over it with the help of my family, in real life and here, online. I took some chances, and while it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it wasn’t a straight washout, either. New things.

I spoke up for myself when people I trusted decided to abuse that trust. They still do. Things will never be the same. I’ve had to turn my back on my boys, my Sinners, and that cut has left the deepest scar that won’t ever heal right.

I’ve tried to move forward though, try to staunch the bleed by immersing myself in some new boys. They’ll never take our Sinners’ place, but they’ll carve out their own little niche in your hearts (I hope). Make the loss a bit more bearable.

I’d like to thank you, for riding with me. For supporting me. For taking a chance on me. I like this, you understand. I like writing, love it really. And you make it possible for me to do so.

I’d like to thank you.

I don’t make resolutions or schedules. My mind doesn’t work like that, so I can’t tell you “here’s what’s gonna happen in the new year. Here’s what you can expect” in definites.

You should know by now what you’ll get with me, yeah?

2014 has been filled with high-highs and low-lows. I’m glad to get off that rollercoaster, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2015 brings much more calm and smooth riding.

I wish for you to have the same. To have a New Year filled with love and laughter. With family and friends. With books and more books, some of which will hopefully be mine.

I try not to make promises with my books because again, my mind doesn’t really work that way. But I can promise you this: You will LOVE what I have planned for you in 2015. LOVE.

Beginning with Elias and Lucky. Keep your eyes peeled. Nothing is coincidental in my books. Nothing.

So I’m at the halfway point with Unmask You. I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus for the past couple days, because this is the part of the story where shit hits the fan and my brain can’t handle it, so I’ve been delaying the inevitable by reading, putting a dent in that huge pile of books that’s been left ignored on my Kindle for so long.

I’m nowhere close enough to be able to give a release date. Nowhere close. The story still has a ways to go before I can definitively say anything about that. Still lots of things I gotta figure out which has me rethinking a lot about the story. Just last night I finally figured out the beginning LOL, which is fucked up, because um…I’ve already written a beginning, you know. So that needs to be redone.

Timeline and ages and back-story still need to be figured out. It’s a mess, but that’s how I work. They’ll fall in line when I need them to.

You’ll get much of what you’ve been needing in 2015.

I’m constantly thinking about who I am as a writer, where I want to go, and how I’m ever gonna get there. You know, writing the type of books I write, they kill me. Makes it so I can’t read any angst for pleasure because my own writing is so damn heavy. I really, seriously envy authors who can churn out lighthearted and fun reads so easily. The last time I tried for light and fun, we ended up with So Far Gone, and we know how that turned out LOL

That’s me. I love the worlds I write in. Love it. But I also need time away from it sometimes. So we’ll see how I manage that in the New Year. In the meantime, if you need me I’ll be at my desk, sipping my coffee, head bobbing to the music as I type and cry into my keyboard.

It’s what I do. What I love, and thank you for making it possible for me to continue doing it in 2015.

I love you.




  1. Hi Avril

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


  2. Wishing you and your family happiness and good health in the new year. Avril, I’m also wishing you a very successful year of writing and great new books. I for one am definitely looking forward to them. :) Happy 2015!!!

  3. Michele /

    Hi Av. I am just reading your year end letter. I really loved it. I hate that you had to turn your back on our boys, the Sinners, but I know your reasons. You did the only thing you could do. I applaud your strength to move forward.I appreciate that you don’t make promises where your books are concerned. I wish other authors followed suit and just did their best writing possible instead of rushing to make some deadline. I/we have been blessed by you with your wonderful books and your generous spirit. I wish you and your family only the best of 2015. I am seriously looking forward to Lucky and Elias and all your other books to come. You know we like the pain. Lol!!

  4. anita s /

    Hi Avril
    Wishing you everything of the best for the new year. Your generous spirit really impressed me and I know your loyal fans agree with me. Yes, i know you don’t write sweet and mushy characters but Reggie is still sweet to me!

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