Jul 18

The release of Scars and Ruin has been pushed back, put on hold.

It’s not something I wanted to do, but as the guys in my facebook group knows, I’ve been having some issues health-wise.

That means my mind isn’t right and if my mind isn’t right, I can’t work to make sure I’m putting out my best. Until that happens the laptop stays closed and I stay in bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Eventually, I’ll be back to my best, but right now isn’t it.

So I’m stepping back.

I’m disappointing you with this news, I know. But I hope you know that it’s not for lack of fighting to get better. And I also hope you understand.


  1. Renee /

    I’m praying for your good health Av.

  2. Allison Ealy /

    Girl, we loyal fans understand. Take care of you. We’ll be right here when you return. Meanwhile, I will reread the Sinners series.

  3. anita /

    Stay strong

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