Re-Release: Saint’s Surrender

Aug 15

Saint’s Surrender releases today.

Formerly titled Till Surrender, this is paranormal. It’s MM, and it’s about 36k. If you’ve already read the previous version you won’t be missing out on anything if you don’t get this one.

And if you haven’t yet tasted my paranormal side, now’s your chance.

You might notice the book won’t be on iBooks or Kobo. The cover was too much for them so um, they said nope to publishing it. That’s a first for me, and I’ve been too not okay to pick a fight with them over it.

It is what it is.

The book is out. Your support, as always, means everything, and I thank you, as always, for giving me a chance *smile*

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Let’s talk about what I know every last of yous want to know.

Dutch and Patel.

Still no news on a date for when they’ll be ready. Yes, they will be out before the year is up.

At this point, I’m taking my time to make sure my head is right. To make sure I am okay, before I take on these boys.

It has to be that way.

I appreciate your understanding.



  1. Michele /

    Hang in there Av, you got this. Your loyal fans will wait. You come first…Real life had to come first so take the time you need.

    We gotch you boo!

  2. Hi Avril, where can I find volume 4 of the paranormal series. It was on Totally Ebound’s site for ages but can’t even find the Ebook on Amazon.

    All the best, Sherie

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