Out Now: Scars and Ruin!

Oct 10

After much ado, my boys are finally, finally out in the wild.

You weren’t the only ones waiting for Dutch and Patel to their ish right. You weren’t the only ones needing to know what. is. up. with those fools.


Been a long time.

Aside from Levi and Donovan, no other characters have been living in my head this Goddamn long.

But they’re out. I’m free, damn it. And I want them back.



It’s bitter-sweet, y’all.

They’re on Amazon and All Romance.

Kobo, iTunes, and Nook will take a bit longer. But I will update the page here, and social media, when they’re up.

I hope you enjoy this one, I really do. It’s different, as somebody told me recently. Different from my usual.

But I still had to put the funk in it. You know how I do my thing.

I look forward to your emails asking whose book is next.



  1. I was dying to read this book and because of the sneak peeks at the end of the book, now I’m triying to be a good girl and wait patiently for the next one but it’s so hard, you cruel woman!!! While ı was reading the part about Call The Coroner I really shuddered. He is so sick and twisted and dark. How you are going to make them love each other, i can’t even imagine. Well that’s is the reason you’re the writer I guess ;) Also Renzo and Low!! And the “daddy” part? Please, please. You woman are voicing my fantasies. About the book, ah Dane, he gave up so much all because of other people’s fucked up reasoning. It was heartbreaking. For a little while I was really afraid that the end is going to be tragic but this is you and always show us that there’s always a hope for a happy ending. Thank you Avril for this beautiful story and encouraging us to never give up

  2. Melissa Wildermuth /

    Worth the wait! I had to wait until I could get it on Nook. I’ll try to wait patiently for Low and Reno, but if there is extra wait for it to come out on Nook, No way mon, I will get it on Kindle. Stay healthy for you and your fans. Love, love your books, but health comes first

  3. When will *call the coroner* be released???
    I’m dying to read that one , please :)

    • Avril Ashton /

      I’m actually working on Call the Coroner right now, so it won’t be ready for a while. Thanks for reading! <3

  4. michelle /

    i just love you. your books are amazing.

  5. BigFan!! /

    Just purchased and started reading! Super excited!! I had a question about Jack and Ashe. I just got to the chapter 6 and I’m wondering if I missed a book that tells Jack’s story with meeting Ashe? I remember Jack from one of your other stories, and am happy to see him get a happy ending, but wanted to see if his story on how he got there was available. Thank you! You do great work!

    • Avril Ashton /

      Thank you for reading, and no, you haven’t missed a book. Jack and Ashe aren’t written yet :)

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