On The Brooklyn Sinners

May 16

Every day I get questions about the Sinners.

Especially now, with a new book out and people wanting to know about Syren.

Yass, girl. That little devil has his own book. If you don’t know why it’s not available out there for sale, I won’t bore you with the fucked-up details. Suffice it to say, it is beyond my control.

But, I bring a reprieve.

If you don’t own a copy of The Brooklyn Sinners–where it ALL began–might I add. And if you wish to know more about that powerful little so-and-so named Syren–who will be going away no time soon, I might also add–you can buy a copy from me.

An ebook copy, NOT paperback.

Transaction to be done via PayPal and nowhere else.

To be clear, Syren already has his story, and his HEA. There will not be a new Syren book. But if you wish to read how Syren got his man, that book is A Sinner Born, book #3 in my Brooklyn Sinners series, and is available only through me.

Also note, the Sinners series are interconnected. I highly recommend reading them in order to fully grasp each subsequent story.


Email me: avril.ashton@yahoo.com if you want to buy a copy, or the whole series. PLEASE DO NOT ARBITRARILY SEND ME MONEY VIA PAYPAL IF I HAVE NOT SENT YOU AN INVOICE FIRST. First comes the invoice, then you pay. Doing otherwise simply creates problems for me.

$4 per book.


Not comment here in the comments. Those go into SPAM, and I’ll simply delete, without reading/responding.

You can also FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM. Fill it out. Not comment in the comments there. if you do, it goes to SPAM and I. Shall. Delete without reading/responding.

You must have a PayPal account. If not, this won’t work.

The Sinners are also available in audio, and you can feel free to buy those via Amazon or AUDIBLE because I will get paid for it.


Tell your friends.

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