Cover Reveal: Kill Me With It

Jun 06

Cover by Sloan J. Designs

Cover by Sloan J. Designs


Justice Alexandre kills for a living. A lover of the shadows, he makes no excuses for what he does. And with a job like his, personal entanglements are a no-go. Except for one hot summer night in an Atlanta nightclub, where a woman with misery in her eyes whispers three words in his ear.

She wants to lose herself, or maybe find herself, Myka Prentiss can’t readily decide. What she does know is the compelling stranger hugging the darkness at the back of the club calls to her in ways she can’t explain. Putting fear aside, she takes a chance.

One nameless night. Nothing between them but hot sweat and tangled sheets.

Then they walk away.

Back to an unfulfilled life, Myka is comforted only by her memories…until her sexy stranger shows up at her door with an announcement.

He’s been hired to kill her.


**This MF Interracial romance is a re-release that has been extensively re-written. It includes a younger bisexual hero and an older damsel who DGAF about your distress. Oh, and pegging. So. Much. Pegging.



Coming this August…

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