Why Patreon?

Jan 06

For those of you not familiar with what Patreon is, and how it works: it’s a crowd funding platform that allows you to lend your monetary support to your favorite artists—including writers–monthly or per creation. You join an exclusive club and get rewarded for it.

So, Av, why Patreon?

I fell really sick in 2017. My physical ailments also affected me mentally, and as a result my productivity suffered. I wasn’t able to write like I know we all wanted, wasn’t able to put out the projects I know all of us are eagerly waiting on. I barely managed to get Call the Coroner done, and trust me when I tell you that was finished by the skin of my teeth. Call the Coroner was published in May. It wasn’t till October/November that I began writing again, and I still haven’t finished.

As a result of that lack of output, things are a bit tough here in real life. We’re going through an extremely lean period where the choices will likely come down to household bills or a book cover. Medical bills or editing. I don’t want to have to make that choice, because writing is also my life, you know? Putting out books for you is my job.

I created this Patreon to help with that. To give you the opportunity to be a part of my creative process. All of your contributions will go directly to book expenses. From images for covert art to editing and formatting. No amount will be wasted. This way I don’t have to worry so much about the not-fun, practical things, and I can focus my attention where it’s most needed.


In return, I thank you for your trust and support with exclusive rewards. Your entry level pledge gets you bi-weekly Brooklyn Sinners snippets. You get monthly teases of what I’m working on. You get to choose characters’ backstory, names, even plot devices. Higher level pledges get to be BETA readers, and even get access to ARCs before the public. I also offer up phone calls, skype calls.


I’ve got a twincest story I’m gonna be turning into a serial exclusively for my patrons.

Yes, I get something. But you also get something. Win/win right there. I even take you behind the scenes as part of the rewards so you can get a feel for how Av puts the MACK down. LOL Nah, she’s a mess, but you get to see that!

Aye, and when I hit $100 a month in pledges, I get to write you a sexy, filthy scene featuring any characters of your choice.

You want that in your life!

I know I do.

It’s an investment for sure. For you, and for me. Any amount you pledge, I will love you for it, and I will appreciate it and you. I’m hoping by now you know what I’m about, you know my work and you know all I need is a chance to be great and do some great things for you.

To get more in depth info on how Patreon works for both Creators–like me–and Patrons–like you, Check out the Site.

Join me, won’t you?


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