Dirty Desire Chapter One

Jan 29

While I’m in revisions mode with LowRenzo, I’ve also been updating my Patreon with goodies for my Patrons.

This week I’ve posted the first chapter in a Patreon-exclusive serial novella. It’s twincest. It’s M/M. It’s depravity. And, I made chapter one public so anyone can take a look see and decide if they like.

At some point when the novella is complete, I’ll put it together and offer it for download. Not sure of the how and wheres yet.

But, in the meantime…


Here’s the blurb, and here’s where you can read the first chapter.


Dirty Desire


The only family Dax claims are his small circle of friends and his brother, Deacon. He and Deacon share more than the same face. Or they used to, because nowadays Dax has to make the first move if he ever wants to see his brother. Deacon thinks running and hiding will change the way they feel, but Dax could have told him…

There’s no escape.

For Deacon, wanting his twin for more than half their lives is a shame he can’t rid himself of. Leaving town didn’t work. Getting high didn’t work. The random hook ups with strangers didn’t work either. He’s back, but still unable to ask for what he wants. It’s wrong. So wrong.

But nothing ever feels as right as Dax on him, or he on Dax.

One look, one touch, and they’re lost. Once again succumbing to every dirty desire. But Dax is getting too old to chase after him, so Deacon has to decide one last time what wins: his fear and shame, or their love.


Warning: Filthy. Depravity. Basically, the good stuff.


Read Chapter 1 of Dirty Desire

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