Pre-Order Dirty Desire

Oct 03

Dirty Desire is now available for pre-order at AMAZON.

We know it’s a bit of hit and miss over there with them when it comes to the taboo stuff, so let’s all cross our fingers and throw up some prayers to the filthy/freaky gods that they don’t ban us!

And, because I will inevitably get this question: The file info as you see it now on AMAZON, says 15 pages. That is the placeholder file. In order to do a pre-order, we authors have to put up a sample of the book. Most just do a few chapters or so. I put up the first chapter. Again, it is a placeholder. The book is being edited as we speak and is almost 50k. When editing is done, I’ll upload the final book.

So no, I’m not giving you 15 pages of twincest. I mean, how we gon have fisting and group sex and angst and pure filthy brother on brother sexing in fifteen pages? I mean… It’s me. It’s your girl.

I got you.

Official release date is OCT 16.





p.s. I’m giving away two KINDLE copies of LUCKY by Garrett Leigh. To be in the running, all you have to do is LIKE my FB PAGE and ENTER the Rafflecopter here. Easy peasy.

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