New Backlist Release!

Jan 17

Coming Undone is one of my earlier MF titles. Got the rights back, so it’s time to put it back out into the world. If you’re new to me and haven’t read it, now’s your chance. If you have already bought and read it, though, you’re cool. Nothing’s changed, save for the cover and publisher.



v1Caught up in a life built on secrets and blackmail, there isn’t much McKenna Lacey can do to change her circumstances. She’s been bought and paid for by a man who has no problem using her body for his own selfish needs. She bides her time, but doesn’t trust when a way out comes from the most unlikely of places; the scarred stranger who breaks into her house.

RJ has his own history with the man who owns McKenna. On the search for a missing woman, he thinks McKenna might be able to provide answers. It’s a simple thing; lay out his case and give McKenna a chance to help him, and herself in the process. What isn’t easy is knowing he can’t have the broken woman, but wanting her anyway.


Coming Undone is a previously published work. The cover and/or publisher has changed. The content has not.






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