Backlist Release: Back For More

Jan 23

Here’s yet another backlist release. This one is Back For More. Nice, short and as dirty as ever. You know how I put it down.

You’re looking for a quick read? It’s here.

Explicit sexy times? Here.

Grown woman not afraid of the D? Yep.

A lil 4some, that’s not quite a 4some? Uh-huh.

Some voyeurism action? What do you think?

Straight men in love with pegging? Girl, just buy the book already.


c1-2She kicked him out of her life once before, but he’s back and he’s going nowhere.

Indy Steele is many things, but a fan of commitment isn’t one of them. Sure she’s been with only one man in damn near forever, but no way is there anything other than lust between them. To prove it, she kicks Reno out of her bed and her life and watches as he relocates to another state. A lonely year has gone by and Reno is back, determined to take more than she’s willing to give.

Reno Sandovar hasn’t stopped loving Indy, not for a second. He’s waited a long time to get back to her and now he wants what he should have had all along, her love. Her excuses about their age difference age are just that. He’s hell-bent on showing her that no matter what, he’ll always be coming back for more.


*Previously released. Content has not changed.*



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