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Apr 01

For one month only, I’ve put two novellas up for sale exclusively at PayHip. These are just a few of the rewards my Patron get over at Patreon.


The first: Angel and Gabe and Baby

Angel-and-Gabe-and-Baby-GenericIt’s been a long time coming for Angel and his Cop. The road to building their family has been a challenge, but these two were never ones to do things the easy way.

It’s about faith, though.


And above all, love.

They got this.

Angel and Cop and Baby…

Babies, really. 
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The second: J.P and Shane

JP--Shane-GenericPablo and Shane have built a life and family far away from the dangerous streets of Brooklyn where they first met, but when events from Pablo’s past come to light, they’ll have to make their way back to where it all began.

This time there’s everything to lose.
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Again, these WILL ONLY be available via PayHip. You can get them in epub or Kindle format. They’ll be gone on May 1st, so if you’ve been wanting to see what my Patrons have been getting, now’s the time. Tell your peeps ;-)


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