Israel and Reggie: Full Circle

Apr 10

Now for sale on Payhip…


Israel and Reggie: Full Circle


NOT A STANDALONE. Please read (Watch Me) Body You—at least—before you pick this up.

Israel-and-Reggie-KindleOriginally written for Patreon, this short takes us back into the lives of Reggie Turner and Israel Storm. Partners in life and in business, these two lean on each other even more as they navigate a family crisis, betrayal in business, and a mother intent on weaponizing their relationship to fit her own ends.







This might eventually be put up on Amazon, but not for the foreseeable future. For now, if you want it in any format (Kindle, epub, pdf) it’s available on Payhip. Turns out Payhip only uses PayPal and you’ll need a desktop to download the file before you can transfer it to your reading device. Explicit instructions are here.

Should you want to buy the book directly from me, with your PayPal email and format of choice. I can only do PayPal.

Again, no idea when/if I’ll put this on Amazon.

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