Bedroom Bully

AvrilashtonSometimes a woman needs more than a gentle touch…

El Lively needs to be punished and after more than a few auditions, she’s found the perfect man for the job. Her body is up for grabs. Not her heart, and definitely not her secrets, but Jud has other ideas.

Jud Kincaid agrees to El’s more-than-indecent proposal, but he’s after more than the physical. He wants an explanation for her sexual kinks, and a way into her heart. El’s being stubborn, but lucky for Jud, he’s just signed on to be her own personal Bedroom Bully.



Approx: 13k words. This is a previously published work. The cover, title and/or publisher has changed. The content has not.

Trigger Warning: This naughty short contains references to sexual abuse of a minor



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