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How many books are in the series? There are four books in my Brooklyn Sinners series. Three novel length and one novella.

Can they be read standalone or must it be in order? The books can be read standalone, but to get the full effect (and who doesn’t want the full effect) I’d definitely recommend reading them in order.

Will there be more books in the Brooklyn Sinners world? No. The series has come to an end.

Will the men get their babies? See Hidden Scars

Do I need to read the Sinners before Run this Town? No, you don’t. But… Dima and Xavier (Run This Town) were introduced in Teo and Tommy’s free read, Not My Sinner. So, if you wish to know where Dima and Xavier came from, you should at least read Not My Sinner.

I can’t find The Brooklyn Sinners anywhere. HELP! No worries, I got you




Is this series related to the Brooklyn Sinners? No, it isn’t.

Should it be read in order? It definitely should, yes.

How many books are there in the series? I have five books planned for Run This Town. Four novel length and one novella, which you’ll be able to read as a standalone as it will feature characters from that world, but won’t be fully set in it.

Will the books ever be in audio? As of now, only my BROOKLYN SINNERS are in audio. You can buy them, and since I own the audio rights I’ll actually get paid. Right now I’m focused on writing books for the foreseeable future, but more audio could come at some point. 

When will the next book be available? I’m in the middle of writing it, so I can’t give you a date. Just keep checking back.

Do you plan on writing free reads for Run This Town like you did for the Sinners? I don’t, no. It’s entirely too time consuming, so I’ll just give each couple a little interlude. A short scene to show something significant and relevant to them.




How can I get a copy of my book signed by you? I can sign your Kindle/ereader easy peasy via Authorgraph. If you’d like a signed copy of my paperbacks, you can order it from me at $18 via Paypal (US only, sorry). Just hit me via the Contact Page.

Are you done writing MF? No, I’m not. At the moment I’m waist deep in man on man loving, but rest assured, there will be more MF.

When can we expect more MF books from you? Soon.

Do you write HEA? Always. I write romance, which is defined by the Happily Ever After. I believe in that so yes, no matter how impossible it might be to see my couples reaching that finish line, they will. Always.

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