(Watch Me) Save You


Run This Town, bk# 4

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Is love enough to pull two drowning men back from the edge of darkness?

No one will love you. Tek Ng has heard that statement his entire life, and after all he’s been through, he believes it. The tortured reality of who he is wars with everything else in his world. He’s got a fiancée he doesn’t want, a family legacy he wants to escape, and unrequited love so unavoidable he descends into sexual depravity with the last person he should. Tek is drowning, but he’s not sure he wants to be saved.

Quinn Storm hides in his quiet house, afraid of his shadow and his memories. At one time he had a husband and a life, but that was snatched away in a violent attack. Hardly daring to live, Quinn is alive only because he’s too scared to end it all himself. He’s drowning and wants no chance at being saved.

A favor for a friend brings these two men together just in time for Tek to watch Quinn unravel. Quinn quickly becomes the most important thing in Tek’s life, but can he trust Quinn to love him once he realizes what Tek is hiding? Just as they reach for each other, their reprieve is shattered by Tek’s demons, leaving Quinn with the realization that he’s not the only one in need of saving.

Warning: Contains references to rape and sexual abuse/assault. Tek and Quinn’s story begins in (Watch Me) Body You and continues through (Watch Me) Unmask You, so you’ll get to revisit some familiar scenes, only this time in either man’s POV.








Tek shook his head. “Not until you’re inside.” He ignored the dagger Quinn threw at him with his eyes and used the keys on the chain, opening the front door and pushing it open. “After you.”

Quinn stepped in and Tek followed him inside, kicking the door closed as Quinn flicked the lights on.

“There.” He spun to face Tek. “Happy now?”

Tek wanted to ask if he was happy, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to piss the other man off right then. Didn’t want to devolve into another argument. He leaned back against the door, Quinn’s keys dangling from a finger.

“You can go.” Quinn made a shooing motion. ‘Thanks for the ride and the escort.”

The last thing Tek wanted was to turn around and walk out that door. The last thing he wanted was to give Quinn his back.

“Tek,” Quinn snapped.

Tek looked at him, really looked at him. The shadows in his dark eyes, his skin so smooth and gorgeous, his face. Tek took a breath, finally, fully, embracing the tight heat that had been coiled in his lower belly for so damn long.

For Quinn.

He settled his gaze on Quinn’s mouth, on his lips, the top one full, yes, but not as plump as the bottom. He’d shaved, trimming the hair on his face to a tight goatee that had framed those lips, making them enticing in a way Tek had tried not to see.

“Hey.” Fingers snapped in front of his face, and Tek blinked at Quinn. “You need to leave.”

“I can’t.” Tek shook his head. “Not without kissing you first.”

Quinn’s eyes widened at the words Tek hadn’t bothered to censor. He stumbled back, confusion on his face. “What? What did you say?”

What did he say? What should he say to explain the urge clawing at his insides? Tek took a step forward. Quinn took two back. Tek expected to see fear in the other man’s eyes.

That wasn’t there.

He couldn’t decipher what it was that truly lit in Quinn’s gaze. Not out and out lust, but curiosity tempered by interest and want. Tek licked his lips.

“This isn’t curiosity,” he said softly. “Not for me. It’s not pity or any of that.” He inhaled. Exhaled. The need to touch Quinn, smell him, taste him was overwhelming, making his hands shake and his mouth dry. “I want to know,” he said. “The taste of you, it’s a mystery I need to solve.”

Quinn’s mouth opened and closed. “Tek—” He shook his head, but it was there, slowly creeping up to smother his gaze, the answering awareness. That hunger of his on slow simmer, when Tek’s was already boiling out of control.

“I need to kiss you. Taste you, just once.” He held up a finger as he walked over slowly. “Just one time. I need to put my lips on yours, feel them part for me. I think you’ll taste like everything I’ve forbidden myself to want. I think it’ll devastate me, the feel, the taste of you, when your tongue touches mine. But I want that. Just once. Let me taste you, Quinn.” He didn’t usually beg. At least not for this, not for a kiss. “Devastate me.”

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