Call the Coroner

Call-the-Coroner-SDA2016-eBook-completeHe’s been living underground for a long time, but the only thing guaranteed to bring Daniel Nieto back to the surface is the identity of his wife’s killer. With the whisper of one name, he puts it all on the line for vengeance. He’s got plans for Stavros Konstantinou.

The title of monster fits too well for Stavros to want to be anything other than what he is. Time spent in Daniel Nieto’s dungeon, chained and tortured, will never change that. Starved of food, sunlight and freedom, he waits for an opening to turn the tables on the only man who’s ever come close enough to scare him.

Somewhere between the slide of knife against skin, and the drip of blood on cold concrete, things change. Grief and hatred collide with lust and obsession, and this time Daniel and Stavros are on the same side. This time, they’re fighting a losing battle against a connection forged by much more than a love of violence and bloodshed.

In a war this bloodied, what do you do when the bodies start hitting the floor?

**Warning: Gun play, knife play, blood play, breath play. Non Con, Dub Con. Water sports. Triggers**







“Try and make me beg.” Stavros sank his teeth into his bottom lip, arousal a living thing in his lower belly, getting hotter by the second. “I welcome it.” He dropped his attentions to Daniel’s cruel mouth. “But you will have to do more than the last one to make me beg for you.” He wanted to push this man beyond any boundary he’d set. Ruffle him. Disable his control.

So Stavros touched his lips to Daniel’s chin.

Daniel’s sharp inhale was music to Stavros’ ears. Gasoline to his fire. A waving red flag in front of the bull.

“But you won’t, will you?” He flicked his tongue out, licked Daniel’s chin. Stavros’ own breath stuttered for a moment there as the other man’s taste swept along his taste buds. Salty skin. “You prefer to hide in the shadows and watch, with your hand on that pretty cock, whispering my name as you break. Because you do, don’t you?” He grinned. “My name breaks you. Every. Time.”

A strong hand wrapped around his neck so fast, Stavros saw stars. He choked, forcing out a chuckle as he met Daniel’s dark gaze. Anger, yes. The blood thirst, too.

But lust was also crowded in there, wild and uncontrollable.

Daniel Nieto wanted him.

“Did you watch?” Speaking was difficult with the vice grip at his throat, but he forced it out. “Did you watch her suck me and wish it were you? Wish you were brave enough to suck off the man who killed your precious Petra?”

Daniel’s head cocked, and a muscle throbbed in his jaw, but he didn’t speak. He simply watched Stavros while squeezing his throat.

“You want to.” Stavros coughed. Jesus, he was so hard. Cock tenting the sweats, dampening the front with pre-cum as he throbbed and dripped. This was beyond any foreplay he’d engaged in. The danger, intoxicating. “And I want you to.” He twisted his mouth into a smile. “Get on your knees for me. Let me put it on your face,” he whispered. “On your tongue. And I’ll beg for you. Todos los pinches días.”

A smile crept up Daniel’s features. Genuine. Brightening his eyes for a second. “Are you propositioning me, Mr. Konstantinou?”

“Stavros. Mr. Konstantinou is a lot to say, especially when you’ll already have your mouth full.” Stavros winked. “And I’ll tell you a secret. I taste even better than you’ve imagined.”

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