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SINNER’S KNOT (Angel and Gabe’s wedding)

In which Angel finally puts a “legal” ring on it, and Cop has papers saying he owns that ass. They get married, y’all! Sinners’ Knot



ALWAYS A SINNER (Brooklyn Sinners 1.5, m/m)add-to-goodreads

Gabe Ashby has given up much for love, but harbors no regrets. Moving in to a new home with his lover, Rafe Soto, the men couldn’t be more in love. Until a chance discovery puts a damper on their bliss.

In the middle of the night, Rafe Soto opens a drawer in hopes of waking his lover with pleasure. What he finds instead throws his faith in Gabe off track and threatens the new life they’ve begun to create. It appears that before the two men have their HEA, there’s much more fighting to be doneAlways a Sinner
SAVE ME, SINNER (Brooklyn Sinners 2.5, m/m)add-to-goodreads

Shane Ruskin and Pablo Castillo are building a life together. A rough start gives way to smooth sailing, but before the men could settle into their lives, one of Shane’s former cases comes back to bite him in the ass. He has to go undercover, this time to take down a meth ring. It should be a quick assignment, but things quickly get out of control and once again, Shane’s life hangs in the balance.

Pablo isn’t prepared to sit on the sidelines and watch his lover put himself in harm’s way. Their relationship is a secret, but when Shane doesn’t check in like he’s supposed to, Pablo might have to out them in order to save his lover’s life. And when Shane does finally call him, using only their one-word code for trouble, Pablo heads out to do what he does best. Damage. Save Me, Sinner


SINNER LIKE ME (Brooklyn Sinners 3.5, m/m)add-to-goodreads

Syren Rua finally has what he’s always wanted. He’s settled into a life with his Marshal and the daughter they’re raising as a couple. Everything he’s been through, all the pain and dark memories, brought Syren this far, and he’s in a wonderful space. Happy and loved. Which is why he never sees the approaching danger until it’s too late.

Kane knows his lover well enough to know something is amiss. He isn’t prepared for the answers to his questions, but nothing will stop him from fighting beside Syren as they stand together to protect their family. Sinner Like Me


NOT MY SINNER (Brooklyn Sinners 4.1) add-to-goodreads

Tommy has a ring on his finger and a killer in his bed. Only he gets to see the softer side of Mateo Oliveros. Despite who Mateo used to be—and still is—Tommy has never regretted his choice. No one else knows him and loves him like his husband does. And Tommy is happy…Even if there are things about Mateo that he refuses to share with his spouse.

Nothing is easy, definitely not marriage to a man who’s been as broken as Tommy, but Mateo signed up for the long haul. He’ll make sure his T knows he’s loved, no matter how many bodies he has to drop, or how many secrets he has to keep. All those sacrifices will mean nothing, though, when Mateo’s sordid past and Tommy’s fragile future collide. In the wreckage of what used to be their love, they’ll have to decide: Who stays, and who walks away? Not My Sinner



MAKE YOUR MOVE (m/m short)

A professor and his secret lover steal a moment of illicit pleasure. Make Your Move.


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