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Dread+Terrible series



Loyal only to each other.

Preacher. Deacon. Priest. Prophet. And the yet unseen Bishop.

Book #1

Craving You

craving-you-customDesign-Sept2017-smallpreviewRoshan Jameson-Johns, The Third, knows a thing or two about regret. Exiled from his powerful and influential family, he’s betrayed the last person he’d ever want to hurt. He punishes himself by pushing everyone away. No commitment. No expectations. That way he can’t let anyone else down. He makes sure the men who leave money on his nightstand know that upfront. But there’s one man who weakens and tempts him.

The enigmatic stranger who blackmails him into marriage.

R.J. craves him.

It takes a death bed request to show Preacher that there are still some things his considerable wealth can’t buy. This former thief has to use a different route to achieve his goals, and it leads him directly to the irresistible R.J. Blackmailing R.J. is easy enough. Living with him, keeping secrets from him is harder. Because despite the unflappable front he puts up, Preacher has been craving his husband from the second their eyes met.   

Their marriage of convenience quickly turns into something more as they succumb to the heat between them. It could be real, too, unless R.J. uncovers the real reason Preacher’s ring is on his finger, and finally puts a name to the stranger in his bed.

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